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Become a Certified Avari Beauty Lash Artist

Eyelash Extension Training Minnesota

Avari Beauty One-on-One Lash Artist Certification

What it is: A 1-2 Day Personalized Training for Certification
Important: You must hold a Cosmetology, Esthiology, or Lash Technician license to do this course - we are not a school and cannot offer licensing.

Cost: $1500 for Classic Training or $2500 for Classic and Volume Training + travel expenses if choosing to do this at your location. This cost also covers a training kit which includes: Avari Beauty lashes, tweezers, adhesive, adhesive remover, under eye pads, and other items for application.​

Please note that during the COVID-19 State Protocols, we can no longer practice on live models until restrictions are lifted. We will be using mannequin heads for the entire training.

In my one-on-one training with you, I cover basic to advanced knowledge for eyelash extensions application. 


  • Product knowledge

  • Eyelash growth cycles

  • Tweezer techniques

  • Using eyelash adhesives

  • Caring for adhesives

  • Different curl types, lengths, and diameters

  • How to shape and create blueprints

  • How to apply classic eyelash extensions (and volume if selected)

  • Eyelash extension removal practices

  • Client consultations

  • Consent forms

  • Fill techniques

  • Safety & Sanitation

  • Avoiding eye infections

  • How to tape

  • Learning eye shapes

  • Lash Isolation

  • Allergies or Irritations

  • How to fix lashes

  • Aftercare

  • How to clean lashes

Volume Technique & Certification

Already a lash artist but need to perfect your volume training? This is for you!
Cost: $500 (4 hours) + travel (if outside of the Twin Cities, MN)

This cost also covers a box of volume lashes to practice with.
What it is: Learn how to create volume lashes and apply them. I will teach you a couple of very effective methods for creating volume fans. *Must have experience with classic lash extension application and lash extension knowledge before taking this training. 


Refresher Training

This is course designed to help lash artists perfect any area of choice when it comes to lashing!

Cost: $500 (4 hours) + travel (if outside of the Twin Cities, MN)
What it is: Already a lash artist but need me to coach you through some lashing techniques? I can offer one-on-one refresher training and walk you through questions or any setbacks you have regarding your lash application. 

Virtual Mentoring

Can't make it in-person? No problem!

Cost: ($125 for 1 hour) Now offering private one-one-one video mentoring. We can focus on any areas of your lash journey including brushing up on your skills, hand placements, how to work with clients, how to improve lash retention, certain lash looks, business questions, and more! This is an hour long session and be done over Facetime, or Zoom. Must be able to show me your work if you need help with skills (tripod and good lighting and set up is a must).

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