Reusable Magnetic-Free Eyelash Kit


Need your eyelashes done but can't get in to see your lash technician? Do you have an allergy to eyelash extension glue or adhesives? Are you worried about the unknown effects of magnets being on your eyelids?

Try this great alternative to magnetic and glue-adhesive eyelashes! They also wear great with eyelash extensions without damaging them! These self-adhesive lashes work with a special eyeliner and mascara for more comfort and adaptability and can be used again and again limiting waste.

  • Easy to apply
  • Washes off with warm water and cleanser/makeup remover 
  • Reusable
  • Easy to reapply throughout the day or for special events
  • Eyelash band is made of cotton, lashes are made of airborne protein fiber hair, eyeliner is made of polymers, the case is made of acrylic, mascara contains nourishing ingredients and lengthening fibers
  • Due to popular demand, the delivery may take 15-30 days (especially during COVID-19)

Each Kit Includes:

  • 3 pairs (6 pcs) of each eyelash styles:
    • Glamorous (856, AD811, Diamond eyelashes)
    • Sophisticated (856, 937, Diamond eyelashes)
  • Magic Eyeliner
  • Magic Mascara
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Eyelash Case

HOW IT WORKS: This fast-drying, waterproof eyeliner is created to be sticky like honey. It has a combination of film-forming polymers that forms a bond with the band of the eyelash strip and to your eyelid, creating a comfortable connection. You won't even tell it's a sticky eyeliner! No mess, no bother. 

Size eyelashes to match your eyelid length and trim if necessary. Curl eyelashes. Apply mascara. Shake eyeliner for 2-3 minutes and then apply 2-3 times to your eyelid to create a nice solid line. Before it dries, apply the eyelash strip to the eyeliner. Reapply eyeliner as needed throughout the day for longevity. After wear, gently clean false eyelashes and store in the case.

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