It is the representation of otherworldly beauty that is within all of us. It is a name symbolic of the kind of services I want to offer and products that I want to deliver to the beauty industry.

Our mission is to invoke the energy of beauty as an act of self-expression. To show the divinity of our existence through acts of self-care and ritual. To nourish the being with feelings of self love with every service we do and every product we make. We care for the Earth and we join the movement in honoring Her.

Owning a business and prducing products should always require responsibility to the planet we inhabit. When you are a part of Avari Beauty, you are joining us in this movement to do our part to be better cohabitants and humans. See some of the charities we are currently working with here.


a pioneer in sustainable eyelash extensions

vegan, cruelty free & Environmentally-friendly

WE SUPPORT the environment, indigenous tribes and animals WITH EVERY PURCHASE



Founder of Avari Beauty and an Advanced Practice (AP) Esthetician. I specialize in multiple services with a focus on lashes, skin, and brows.

Emma Reibel

Licensed Esthetician. I specialize in lash extensions, makeup (including bridal and special event), and waxing. 

Maya Ortiz

Licensed Cosmetologist. I specialize in brows, lash lifts, tinting, waxing, and makeup services. 

Nicole Hardesty

Licensed Cosmetologist. I specialize in brows, lash lifts, tinting, and facial waxing.


Kirstie is Avari Beauty’s expert consultant, content researcher and copywriter. Originally from the U.K., Kirstie now lives in Florida with her husband and three children and is a self-proclaimed afternoon tea connoisseur.

Beauty was once defined by an industry that said in order to BE beautiful, you had to fit into a box.

The idea of creating Avari Beauty was to empower and embolden people. It is born from a rebellious and creative nature by our founder that prompted her to always follow her own intuition, her path, and what was right for her human experience. She took unique paths and found her way through self-defining and learning how to fit into this world by making the world fit her. 
Avari Beauty is about making the world's perception and industry fit into what each of us defines as our own beauty. To reclaim this means more than just outer attraction, it means that someone is feeling and expressing confidence and empowered actions while doing this. It means they become in touch with deeper aspects of their existence when doing so. It means that they are defining how their own beauty gets to make them feel based on how they choose to represent it to the outside world.

Beauty has always been objective and Avari Beauty stands for a space and brand that supports room for that. 




My passion for beauty has been instilled in me since I was a young child, watching my older sister get ready for school putting on her makeup. Since then, I didn't really see the process of getting ready or doing one's makeup, getting hair done, or a visit to the spa as the only way to feel better about oneself, but more of an act of self-care, a ritual that invoked a certain power within. It is this power that I would see a sort of confidence exude and was amazed by it.

Trends, social ideas of beauty will always change... but the one thing that remains forever there is the feeling of beauty. There's inherent power in that. When invoked properly, this feeling or energy is an expression of the soul and that's what I want AVARI BEAUTY to represent and be known for. Aside from the acts of beauty we perform in our services or sell within the products we make, we want to introduce an ancient feel to the way our customers feel about beauty, themselves, and how they express it.​
I am an Indigenous woman who also has ancestry in Germany, England, Spain, and more.I am so fascinated by my own culture and by ancient culture and future civilization. What did beauty represent back then? How will it be explained in the future? It is these two questions that inspire my desire to combine holistic beauty philosophies (nature) with new discoveries of science that promote benefits to our bodies and skin (technology).
​Thank you for giving us a chance to help invoke your own inner and outer beauty, expressed through whatever services or products you choose from us.