This is a page dedicated to explain and share all about our sustainable lash extension lines. 

What Brought Us Here

After a year of working as a lash artist, our founder Kari began to question the environmental impact of lash extensions. She realized that fallen lash extensions were likely ending up in landfills or sewer systems. Coupled with her concern about the excessive plastic packaging used in the lash industry, Kari was motivated to find a solution. She spent a year researching alternative materials that were less harmful to the environment. Her efforts led to the discovery of materials with shorter degradation times and a manufacturer capable of creating packaging from plant fibers or recycled paper.  Thus, the industry's first sustainable eyelash extension line was born—setting a new standard for eco-conscious beauty.

As a small business dedicated to sustainability, we are strategically investing our time and resources to enhance and expand our eco-friendly product offerings. Our progress is structured into three distinct phases, each aligned with our current capabilities and resources. Each phase represents a crucial step in our journey:

  • Phase I focuses on utilizing the best sustainable materials currently available to us.
  • Phase II involves increasing our investment to enhance the sustainability features of our products.
  • Phase III will aim to innovate and control the production processes to create the ultimate sustainable products.

Currently, we are navigating through Phases I and II, during which we have successfully launched two innovative eyelash extension lines:

  1. HDPE Line (Phase I) - Crafted from recycled plastics, this line represents our initial step towards sustainable practices.
  2. Biodegradable Line (Phase II) - Made from corn starch, this range marks an advanced stage in our commitment to biodegradability and environmental stewardship.

Through these phased efforts, we are not just adapting to the industry but actively shaping a more sustainable future in beauty.

HDPE Lashes

Our journey toward sustainability began with our HDPE Lashes, crafted from recycled materials. In a world heavily reliant on plastic, choosing a material that can be both recycled and has a reduced environmental footprint was a significant and positive first step. However, we acknowledge that this is not a perfect solution, but rather a part of our ongoing mission to develop more sustainable and earth-friendly lashes.

These lashes represent our initial foray into sustainable practices, allowing us to leverage economical solutions as we build our brand and garner the necessary support to explore even greener alternatives.

Here are the facts about our HDPE lashes direct from our manufacturer. *Please notewe have blacked out the manufacturer private info to protect our proprietary information. 

Additionally, we have referenced a study that provides insights into the testing and degradation of HDPE materials, which has been instrumental in guiding our understanding and improvements in this area: HDPE Material Study.


Our Biodegradable Lashes represent an advanced commitment to sustainability. Made from compostable corn starch, these lashes are designed to break down within 90-120 days under composting conditions. Even without composting, preliminary tests indicate that these lashes begin to degrade due to environmental factors when exposed to outdoor conditions. While we are still in the process of quantifying this degradation outside of compost environments, our current findings are promising.

Here are current test documents from our manufacturer of composting results. At present, we do not have formal test results for their degradation in outdoor conditions.

This initiative reflects our ongoing effort to reduce environmental impact and champion sustainability in the beauty industry. As we continue to gather and analyze data, we remain committed to transparency and improvement in our products' environmental performance.

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We have just entered into our Phase II process and we are in the early stages of expanding our line of biodegradable lashes. Currently, we offer a single curl type and one diameter of thickness. Our goal is to broaden this range, introducing more variety as our investment capabilities grow and as more options become available for development. Your support is crucial as we continue to push the boundaries of sustainable beauty products, so please stay tuned for more updates as we strive to enhance our offerings. 


Unfortunately, some brands have attempted to capitalize on trends within the eco-beauty industry without transparency. This has led consumers to become rightfully skeptical of brands that loosely use eco-friendly terminology.

It's crucial to recognize that many businesses genuinely strive for transparency and ethical practices. In our world, achieving 100% environmental sustainability is a complex challenge. Not a single person in this world who operates in society is guilt-free of being 100% eco-friendly. From the transportation we use to the electronic device used to read these words right now - Absolute eco-friendliness is not yet feasible. True change requires a collective effort. Both businesses and consumers play pivotal roles. It's essential to support companies that are upfront about their sustainability journey and to make informed choices about where we spend our money, how we vote, and how we personally contribute to sustainability.

With this in mind, special attention should be given to businesses owned by people of color, who face additional economic challenges in achieving sustainable practices and creating financial stability. As an indigenous-owned brand, we understand these hurdles intimately and rely heavily on community support to help build our future of sustainability. 

One example we love to talk about and are inspired by is the brand Cheekbone Beauty. This is an indigenous-owned makeup brand in Canada. Initially, they launched a small line of amazing lip stains, packaged in plastic containers. As consumers chose to spend their money with them and their business grew and became more successful, they were able to transition to more eco-friendly packaging and have since expanded their product lines to include ingredients that are kinder to our planet. Today, Cheekbone Beauty's success story is visible across Sephora stores in Canada, showcasing how consumer support can drive brands toward greater sustainability. Their journey aligns closely with our mission and serves as a motivating example of what we aspire to achieve.

We hope this sheds light on our values and the integrity behind our products. Thank you for caring as deeply about sustainability as we do. Your support makes a profound difference. 

Sustainable Lashes FAQs

What are sustainable lash extensions?

Sustainable lash extensions are eyelash extensions designed to minimize environmental impact through the materials used in their production, their manufacturing process, and their packaging. 

How are the sustainable lash extensions made?

We offer two types of sustainable lashes:

  • HDPE Lashes: Created from recycled plastics, these represent our initial step towards sustainability.
  • Biodegradable Lashes: Produced from compostable corn starch, these are designed to degrade within 90-120 days under appropriate conditions.

Why is sustainability important in the lash extension industry?

The goal of sustainable lash extensions is to offer the beauty and convenience of traditional lash extensions while reducing waste, decreasing the use of non-renewable resources, and limiting harmful emissions associated with their lifecycle.

Are sustainable lash extensions as effective as traditional ones?

Yes, our sustainable lashes offer the same quality and durability as traditional lashes, with the added benefit of being more environmentally considerate.

Are sustainable lashes easy to use?

Yes, sustainable lashes are just as easy to use as traditional eyelash extensions—in fact, many of our lash artists find them even easier! Because they are super soft, they are ideal for making fans and offer the same level of comfort and durability as traditional lash extensions. This means you can expect the same quality and ease of application with sustainable lashes, but with the added peace of mind that you are choosing a more eco-friendly option.

Are sustainable lashes comfortable to wear?

Yes, sustainable lashes are comfortable to wear. They are designed to feel natural and lightweight, just like traditional lash extensions. The materials used in sustainable lashes, while eco-friendly, do not compromise on comfort. Our clients often tell us that our sustainable lashes are more comfortable than traditional lashes. 

What challenges do consumers face in the eco-friendly market?

Consumers face challenges in navigating the lack of transparency and greenwashing by some brands. We are committed to providing clear and honest communication about our product sustainability.

How can I verify the sustainability of beauty products?

Consumers should look for certifications and detailed product information on packaging. It is important to support brands that are transparent about their materials and manufacturing processes.

How are businesses owned by people of color significant in this industry?

Businesses owned by people of color often encounter additional barriers in achieving sustainability due to economic disparities. Supporting these businesses fosters equity and brings diverse perspectives and innovative solutions to the eco-friendly market.

Where can I buy sustainable lash extensions?

We offer a range of sustainable lash options suitable for both professionals and beauty enthusiasts. If you're a professional lash technician, you can choose from two types of sustainable lashes:

  • HDPE LashesCrafted from recycled plastics, these lashes are our first step toward sustainability. They combine eco-friendliness with the quality you expect from professional-grade lash extensions.
  • Biodegradable LashesMade from compostable corn starch, these lashes are designed to break down within 90-120 days under proper conditions. They offer an advanced eco-friendly option without compromising on performance.

Both types are available for purchase through our online professional store, ensuring you have access to sustainable choices that meet your professional standards.

For those interested in fabulous sustainable strip lashes, we've got you covered in our online store. These strip lashes are user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to achieve beautiful, lush lashes without the need for professional application.

What are your future plans for expanding the product line?

We aim to expand our product range by introducing more varieties of curls, length, thicknesses and continuously improving our sustainable practices through ongoing research and development. This includes the materials we use to create our lashes.