Volume Eyelash Extensions


Sustainable, lightweight and soft, our volume eyelash extensions provide the most beautiful, natural-looking volume and protection for the natural eyelash. Providing superior comfort that feels close to nothing on the eyelash, these are perfect to buy and your clients will love them.

Say goodbye to the poking sensation that can come from stiffer extensions! Our eyelash extensions were designed to be virtually soft and undetectable while being designed with the health of the natural eyelashes in mind. Because of the lightweight and softness, there are fewer "twisties" as the natural eyelashes grow out.

Made from recycled fibers, our lashes are gentler on the environment and can be recycled (please check with your local recycling center for more info. If not recycled, our lashes will disintegrate in soil within 70-80 years and within 50 years in water. Our boxes are made of plant fibers and can be easily recycled (please remove the magnet enclosure before placing in your recycling bin).

*Please advise your customers to avoid intense heat (ovens, hairdryers, etc) close to their eyelash extensions. This can cause them to lose their curl and will singe at the tips.

*Although our lashes are created with the health of the natural eyelash in mind, please always choose the right diameter and length suitable for each customer's natural eyelashes for optimal health and strength retention.

Curl Types:

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