3 Tips for Managing Your Client's Expectations

Your clients want to look and feel their best—it's why they come to an experienced esthetician like you! But individual standards can be tricky to navigate and hard to define. Each person has a unique perspective on what makes them feel good, which is why it's essential for professionals to manage clients' expectations effectively. After all, how can we meet a client's expectations if we don't fully understand them?

Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to better manage your client's expectations and provide them with an unparalleled customer experience.

Learn Your Client's Needs

The most successful consultations involve a lot of talking from the client and a lot of listening by the professional. As an esthetician, you need to be an active listener who understands what your client is trying to communicate. Never assume what your client wants. If you're unsure of what a client is trying to achieve, ask more questions to help you gain clarity. If your client's expectations are unrealistic, give them your honest feedback and offer an alternative. 

For example, a client with sparse lashes might ask for a volume lash style that would add too much weight to her natural lashes. In this case, suggest another method that can create a more voluminous lash look, such as a hybrid set. Alternatively, recommend lightweight fans that won't put too much strain on their natural lashes. Remember, the goal is to ensure your clients feel good about themselves, and listening to their needs makes it much easier to achieve this. 

Gain Your Client's Trust

To your clients, you're not just an esthetician—you're an artist who specializes in making them look and feel great! As a trained expert, your best work is not achieved by simply following orders. Your experience and education mean you can advise (and proactively educate!) your clients on the most effective treatments for their needs. 

For instance, as mentioned above, if a client asks for a lash style that could be harmful to their natural lash health, it's a great opportunity to educate them about their options. Showcase your expertise by sharing professional advice that advocates for their well-being. It's important that your clients know you care about their long-term health and trust your guidance.

Create Repeat Customers

The easiest way to turn satisfied customers into life-long clients is to provide a consistent and caring customer experience every time they visit! But what about after their appointment? How can you stay present in your client's life and show that you care? The answer is simple—by following up with them after your service!  

Customer follow-up is an excellent opportunity to find out how your client is doing after their service—and ask for a glowing review! Make it a standard practice to follow up with your clients within 48 hours of serving them. Ask them how they're feeling and if they have any questions. If they're pleased—congratulations! Remind them of the recommended aftercare for their service and any product suggestions you shared with them, then let them know you're looking forward to seeing them again!

Of course, you can't please everyone, and even with the best intentions, your client may still not be satisfied. In this case, it's important to try and address (and, if needed, problem solve!) any concerns your client has. Although it's not possible to have a 100% satisfaction rating, follow-up is a good opportunity to help improve a dissatisfied client's experience.  


How To Create the Best Customer Experience

Creating a stellar customer experience is not a one-size-fits-all exercise. The best way to do it is by listening and responding to your customer's concerns and goals and then creating an individualized treatment plan. It's also important to invest in high-quality products for your clients. Having the right tools is essential for any job—and being an esthetician is no different. Avari Beauty's Sustainable Lash Extensions are easy to work with and come in a variety of options for customizable results that your clients will love! 

Our fast fanning lash extensions make it easy to create beautiful volume fans. Plus, they're also moldable, allowing for continuous shaping to get the perfect fan! Click here to shop our sustainable lash selection. 

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