A Guide To Eco-Friendly Salon Supplies for Green Beauty Professionals

We believe that responsible business practices start with the pursuit of environmental sustainability — which is why we advocate for our planet in everything we do. From our sustainable lash extensions to our recyclable packaging, Avari Beauty is devoted to giving back to the community and engaging in beauty products and practices that protect our planet. 


Switching to eco-friendly salon supplies is one of the easiest ways to make your business more sustainable. You might think that "going green" is a more expensive choice, but this isn't necessarily true—in fact, eco-friendly salon supplies can actually be less costly than their traditional counterparts! Keep reading to find out how you can make your beauty business more valuable for the environment by switching to eco-friendly salon supply alternatives.


Sustainable Lash Extensions


When we think of single-use plastics and their effect on the environment, we rarely consider lash extensions. Sadly, microplastics are a serious environmental issue that we must work to address. Traditional lash extensions are made from PBT, a non-biodegradable plastic. PBT is problematic because it takes hundreds (even thousands!) of years to biodegrade. That's why Avari Beauty developed the market's very first sustainable, cruelty-free eyelash extensions!


Created from recycled HDPE fibers, Avari Beauty's Sustainable Lashes have a much faster degradation period in soil and water than traditional lashes. They're also super lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to work with — plus, they come in eco-friendly packaging too! 


sustainable lash extensions


Sustainable Bamboo Mascara Wands


The beauty industry has a large carbon footprint, which is why we opt for biodegradable and sustainable consumables whenever we can. Bamboo is a robust, fast-growing grass that self-regenerates from its own roots, making it a great alternative to plastic. A few years ago, we committed to replacing plastic mascara wands with sustainable bamboo mascara wands—and we've never looked back! Not only are they kinder to the earth, but they also look great in the salon! 



Biodegradable Cotton Rounds


We strive to use products and ingredients that are kind to the skin and as close to nature as possible, which is why we opt for biodegradable cotton rounds. Because they're made from environmentally-friendly cotton fiber, these cotton rounds decompose more quickly and help to reduce waste. Plus, they are free from bleach, chlorine, dyes, parabens, perfume, and plastics.





Eco-Friendly Medical-Grade Silicone


Hygiene is paramount for any salon, which is why we only use tools that we can thoroughly sanitize. We made the switch to eco-friendly medical-grade silicone because it's durable, flexible, and soft on the skin. If you offer facials in your salon, we highly recommend this Face Mask Mixing Bowl Set and Silicone Face Mask Brush Applicator. It's made from 100% natural silicone, and it looks great in the salon — win, win!




Bio-Degradable Disposable Gloves


There are so many important reasons to wear gloves in the salon. Gloves reduce hand contamination and prevent cross-contamination and infection, among other things. Plus, they can also improve the sensory experience for your client‚ especially during a facial! Due to allergies, we recommend only using 100% latex-free, powder-free, and biodegradable gloves. We love these EBT gloves because they decompose within 1 to 5 years in active landfills, unlike regular nitrile gloves that take more than 100 years. 





Biodegradable Trash Bags


Plastic trash bags are trash. Literally. Most plastic trash bags are made with low-density polyethylene, which takes hundreds of years to decompose. Plus, they release harmful microplastics into the environment that can make their way into our waterways and food chain. For a more eco-friendly option, opt for biodegradable, non-toxic trash bags. We love these trash bags because they're made from PSM, also known as corn starch extract! They work perfectly as trash bags, with the added bonus of naturally decomposing into carbon dioxide and water! 





Biobased-Plastic Interdental Brush 


Do you use interdental brushes to groom brow clients? We have the perfect sustainable solution — biobased-plastic interdental brushes! These cute interdental brushes are produced using renewable raw sugar cane instead of mineral oil, helping to protect Earth’s fossil resources! In fact, producing 1 kg of bio-based plastic saves 3 kg of CO2 compared to other plastics! 

Sustainable Sugarcane Interdental Brushes



Eco-Friendly Lint-free Applicators 

Single-use plastics put a significant burden on sustainability efforts. To do our part for the planet, we switched from plastic to eco-friendly lint-free applicators made from bamboo! These sustainable applicators are biodegradable and compostable, making them much kinder to the environment. Plus, they are sanitary and look cute in the salon!


bamboo sustainable applicators


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I found this guide to eco-friendly salon supplies incredibly informative! As a beauty professional, sustainability is crucial, and this article offers fantastic insights into adopting greener practices. From biodegradable disposables to eco-conscious product choices, it’s a comprehensive resource for anyone in the industry aiming to reduce their environmental impact. I appreciate the detailed suggestions and tips provided here.

giunisexsalon April 07, 2024

I admire the precious insights furnished in this information to eco-friendly salon elements for inexperienced splendor professionals. It’s a exceptional aid for these in the splendor enterprise who favor to make environmentally aware selections barring compromising on quality. Well done!

giunisexsalon April 07, 2024

I absolutely love the commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility that Avari Beauty embodies. It’s inspiring to see a beauty brand like yours leading the way in advocating for our planet. Your dedication to eco-friendly salon supplies not only benefits the environment but also highlights that being green doesn’t always mean higher costs. I’m excited to learn more about how to make beauty businesses more eco-friendly and valuable for our planet. Keep up the fantastic work!

giunisexsalon April 07, 2024

I’m looking for biodegradable eyeglass sleeve protectors for color services.

Leslie Thomas May 16, 2023

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