Classic lashes vs. Volume lashes: How to choose the best lash extension for you

"What's the difference between classic and volume lashes?" or "What's the difference between hybrid and volume lashes?" — These are some of the most common questions our new clients ask about lash extensions. If you have similar questions, you've come to the right place! 


Here at Avari Beauty, we believe that lash education is an essential part of your lash service experience. We structure our clients' individual lash needs around their lifestyles to help them determine the perfect lash style for their desired look — this ensures our clients achieve beautiful, long-lasting lashes that suit their needs! In this article, we're discussing the essential differences between classic, hybrid, and volume lash extensions to help you make a decision about which lashes are right for you! 


Classic Sustainable Lash Extensions


When you think of "natural look" lash extensions, you're probably picturing a "classic" lash extension set. "Classic" lash extensions are a great choice if you want a subtle transition into the world of lash extensions. A classic set creates a full and fluttery lash look that seamlessly melds with your natural lashes while adding length, volume, and curl. 


Classic lash sets are created by attaching one lash extension per natural lash — creating a classic lash set with a ratio of 1:1. This makes them popular with clients who have a lot of natural lashes, as they enhance what Mother Nature gave you! Lash extensions are a great choice if you have straight lashes and would like to add curl without the hassle of using a lash curler every day. Classic lashes are also a great way to try out lash extensions and see if they fit into your lifestyle. 


Classic lashes are a good option if:

  • You prefer an ultra-natural everyday look
  • You want longer, more curled lashes
  • You want a lower maintenance lash look


Volume Sustainable Lash Extensions 


We like to think of volume lashes as the glamourous sister of classic lashes. A beautiful way to create a fuller, more luscious lash line, volume lashes can be used to create many different lash looks depending on your desired result. If you have lots of natural lashes, a volume lash set can help you achieve a striking, ultra-full lash look — perfect for special events. However, if your natural lashes are a little on the thinner side, volume lashes can help you achieve a naturally full everyday look.


To create a volume lash set, instead of individual lash extensions, we add a light, flexible lash fan to each single natural lash. Depending on your end goal, this typically creates a ratio of between 1:3 (3 lash fan per natural lash) and 1:12 (12 lash fan per natural lash). Many people prefer volume lashes because they give you the flexibility to create almost any lash look! Put simply, with volume lashes; the sky's your limit!  



Volume lashes are a good option if:

  • You want more voluminous lashes and a fuller lash line
  • You have naturally sparse lashes
  • You desire a dramatic lash look for a special event


Hybrid Sustainable Lash Extension Set


Hybrid or Blended eyelash extensions strike the perfect balance between volume and length by combining classic, and volume lashes into one lash look. Hybrid lashes can create a completely customized lash look, depending on your goals. For instance, adding volume lashes to the middle of the lash line creates a wide, open-eye look. Alternatively, adding volume lashes to the outer corners only creates a unique cat-eye look perfect for almond-shaped eyes. 


To create a hybrid lash set, your lash technician will use a combination of volume lash fans and classic lash extensions. Lash density will vary depending on your desired look. Typically, a hybrid lash set contains a mix of around 50% volume lashes and 50% classic lashes. As mentioned above, lash mapping will heavily affect the end lash look, so it's important to let your lash tech know what you want. 

Hybrid lashes are a good option if:

  • You have sparse or thin lashes 
  • You desire fuller, more textured lashes 
  • You want a medium level volume lash look  


Which is better: classic, volume, or hybrid lash extensions?


Having the right lash set can completely change your look. Everything from longer length to fuller volume or more curl is possible with lash extensions. Whether you're looking for subtle definition or drama, the best lash set style depends on your natural lashes and your ultimate lash goal. To ensure you achieve your desired lash look, we recommend discussing your needs with your lash tech before your appointment (consider taking pictures of examples you like!) An experienced and knowledgeable lash tech will help you determine the best option for your individual needs!

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