Embrace the Fire: Beauty Tips for Sagittarius Season

As we welcome the fun-loving spirit of Sagittarius season, it's time to align our beauty routines with the fiery energy of the archer. Sagittarians are known for their boldness and love of exploration, making this the ideal time to experiment with your self-care practices and embrace the audacious side of beauty. Keep reading for some beauty tips on how to embrace the adventurous spirit, boundless energy, and optimistic glow of Sagittarius season.


Adventure with Care

As we transition from the depths of Scorpio into the expansive openness of Sagittarius, it's time to embrace the experimental side of life. Sagittarius season ignites a fire within us to learn, grow, and explore, so take this time to focus on expanding your horizons. Dive into a good book that challenges your perspective, enroll in a class that piques your interest, or start a new wellness routine that pushes your limits.


Combine this newfound quest for knowledge with self-care rituals that nourish your soul. Use the longer nights to develop a skincare routine that pays homage to Sagittarius's natural inclination towards freedom and change; perhaps by incorporating products that promise to rejuvenate and revitalize your adventurous spirit. And as you care for your skin, let your mind wander to the places you'll go and the experiences that await.


Travel-friendly Beauty

With the energy of wanderlust pushing us outside of our boundaries, impromptu trips abound! This Sagittarius season, streamline your beauty arsenal with products that can keep up with your ever-changing environment. Adventure awaits, so arm yourself with a multi-use product like our All-In-One Charcoal Bamboo cleanser. It's gentle enough for double cleansing and lash extension-friendly—so you can save time and money taking care of your skin and lashes. 


Looking for a makeup multitasker? We've got you covered with our Magic Light Pigment Collection. These magical color-changing loose pigments are the perfect way to multidimensional shimmer to your makeup looks. Use as a highlighter, or eyeshadow, or mix with your foundation for a gorgeous, out-of-this-world glow. 


Slow Down and Glow

During the busy holiday season, it's essential to find balance with moments of rest and relaxation. Decelerate the chaos by scheduling time for yourself— whether that's a facial, a nap under a weighted blanket, or a day of Netflix and chill. This self-care ritual is not just pampering; it's about giving your fast-paced life a moment of stillness and body skin a chance to rejuvenate. Remember: even the wildest fire benefits from tending to its embers. Embrace these slower moments as opportunities to reflect, rejuvenate, and prepare for the next exciting chapter that Sagittarius season promises.


Embrace Sustainable Beauty

Ruled by Jupiter, Sags are born activists and instinctively drawn to causes that support sustainability and environmental stewardship. Sustainable lashes, made from biodegradable materials and ethical sourcing, offer the perfect blend of glam and eco-consciousness for Sagittarius season. Our lashes not only minimize our environmental footprint but also serve as a bold statement of advocacy for the earth.  


If you love fluttery lashes but don't enjoy the upkeep of extensions, try our Sustainable Strip Lashes. Made of HDPE fibers, our eco-friendly lash strips biodegrade much faster than typical lashes, and our packaging is entirely recyclable—win-win!


Sagittarius season invites us to broaden our horizons, seek new experiences, and revel in the joy of living. It's a time for personal growth and exploration. Embrace the liberating vibe of Sag, and discover your most vibrant and expressive self.

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