How To Handle Lash Shedding Season Like A Pro: Prep Your Clients for Lash Shedding Season

Although not a lot of people are aware of it, we lose around 3 to 5 lashes every day! As a pro, you've probably had to reassure a few clients that this process is completely normal—in fact, not only is it normal, lash loss and regrowth are a healthy part of the lash cycle! But how much shedding is too much? Generally, what's normal for one client may seem excessive to another, so it's essential to understand your client's baseline—especially during the lash-shedding season! 

Keep reading to learn more about how you can prepare your clients for the lash-shedding season.

What is a Lash Shedding Season?

Lash-shedding season is exactly that—a period of time when we shed more lashes than usual! During seasonal lash shed, you might notice your lash extension retention has decreased, or your clients might need infills sooner than usual. Although some clients might be alarmed at the number of lashes they're losing, it's important to reassure them that it's perfectly natural! Just like other mammals shed their fur as we head into spring, so do humans! 

When Is Lash-Shedding Season?

Lash shedding season typically occurs during the Spring and Fall—when there is a change in temperature. Most people without lash extensions don't notice lash shed, as natural lashes tend to be fine. However, for clients with individual lash extensions or fans attached, lash shedding is often more noticeable. To avoid alarm, it's important that you educate your clients on the natural lash cycle and reassure them that it is temporary!

How Long Does Lash Shedding Season Last?

Lash shedding season lasts around one to two lash cycles—or the equivalent of two lash fills! You should prepare your client for potential lash shedding in the spring and fall. Although not all clients notice lash shedding, it's important to let them know what to expect so that they can plan accordingly and schedule timely lash fills—especially if they have hybrid or volume lashes.

How Does Lash Shedding Season Affect Lash Extensions?

As eyelash extensions are applied directly to natural lashes, significant lash shedding can affect retention and create gaps in your client's lash set. For a client who hasn't noticed their lashes shedding before, this may be alarming. You might notice more clients booking in for lash fills sooner than they normally would or calling you for advice. 

As a trusted professional, the best thing you can do is put your clients' minds at ease. Explain to them that it is lash-shedding season and what this means for them while emphasizing that it is a completely normal part of the lash cycle. Be sure to let them know that they can get combat lash-shedding by scheduling regular lash fills every 2-3 weeks and following all of your lash extension aftercare advice. 

Get Ahead of the Shed

Although recommending regular lash fills might sound self-serving, it really is the only way for your clients to get ahead of lash-shedding season. With fewer natural lashes to work with, lash shedding can make creating a full set more challenging, so discuss expectations with your client. If shedding is particularly excessive for your client, advise them on the best lash set and style to help them feel more confident during lash-shedding season. 

Recommend Lash Extension Aftercare

Although no product can stop lash shedding, there are products available that encourage lash growth and protect lash extensions. For instance, recommend a Coating Sealant to protect your client's lashes from sweat, makeup, oil, and debris. Alternatively, if they want to boost lash growth, recommend a serum like Revitalash Eyelash Growing Serum which helps to protect lashes against breakage and can be safely used alongside eyelash extensions. 

Handle Lash Shedding Season Like A Pro

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