Here at Avari Beauty, we believe lashing is an art form, and applying volume lash fans is akin to molding a beautiful sculpture. Unlike a classic one-on-one lash application, volume lashes require a balance between multiple lash weights, diameters, and lengths—not to mention creating perfect fans that must be carefully and gently wrapped around the natural lash.

Of course, creating a symmetrical lash fan can be tricky! However, there are many premade volume fan lash extension brands that can save lash techs valuable time—but are they worth it?

Keep reading to find out more about premade vs. handmade volume lash fans! 


Handmade volume lash extension fans are exactly that—crafted by the individual lash pro, often at the time of service and without the use of machinery. Although every artist's method varies, the lashes are typically taken in groups of two or more and carefully separated to create a beautiful fan. Then the fan is arranged, dipped into adhesive, and carefully placed on the client's natural lash. 


Pre-made fans tend to be quicker and easier to use, as they are made in advance and ready for the artist to apply. The premade fans are typically stored in a container and the artist can take out as many fans they need for their service. This convenience can save lash artists time and money and help prevent sore wrists and hands while warding off carpal tunnel.  


Just like fingerprints, no client's natural lashes are exactly the same. Because of this, lash length, diameter, and weight must be balanced correctly and protect your client's natural lash. Although creating volume lash fans by hand can be more complicated and over time cause some pain in the wrists and hands, it is also easier to customize the lash fan to your client's natural lash. 

On the other hand, pre-made volume lash fans can be a little more challenging to match your client's individual lash lengths, textures, and condition. Additionally, if there is already adhesive on the lash fan, you may not have much control over the added weight on your client's lash. Without careful consideration and expert placement, this could result in a weak bond or damage to the natural lash. To combat this, lash artists should only use high-quality premade volume lash extensions, like our premade lash fans. These 100 percent cruelty-free lashes are specially designed with your clients' lash health in mind. The lightweight, fluffy design and a tiny amount of adhesive ensure that the lashes are ultra comfortable and easy to apply. Plus, lash artists and clients rave about the long-lasting retention achieved with our sustainable premade lash fans.  

Of course, a significant benefit of using premade lash fans is that they can save you valuable time and energy. With less time spent on creating lash fans, you can spend more time booking clients or growing your lash business!  

Our founder Kari loves switching between both handmade and premade lashes during her lash sets. Sometimes, she'll do both at the same time if a client has more fallout than usual (for example, if the season is changing). 
Premade lash fans are also a great alternative for the days when your hands are sore and need to rest. 

Avari Beauty Tip: If you're switching up your typical lash look due to lash shedding or increased fall out, it's important to communicate this with your clients. We recommend letting your client know that you are giving their natural lashes a rest by using lightweight lash fans. 

Whatever lash application method you choose, it's important to use high-quality, comfortable, natural-looking lash extensions. Avari Beauty's Sustainable Lash Extensions are not only easy-to-use, but they are also earth-friendly and come in a variety of options for customizable results that your clients will love! 

Our fast fanning eyelash extensions provide lash pros with an easy way to create volume fans. In fact, they're so easy that even beginner lash artists find them easy to use! These sustainable eyelashes are also moldable, which allows for the continuous shaping of the perfect fan! Plus, they're super lightweight and designed to provide superior comfort with special attention to the health of natural eyelashes—win-win! Click here to shop our sustainable lash selection. 

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