Scorpio Season Beauty Tips: Channeling the Intensity and Mystery


From October 23rd to November 21st, we are enveloped in the mysterious and transformative energy of Scorpio. This water sign, known for its passion, determination, and depth, calls on us to embrace our inner strength, face our shadows, and be open to transformation. In tandem with this powerful energy, Scorpio season encourages our beauty routines to also undergo a metamorphosis. Keep reading for some beauty tips on how to channel the intensity, mystique, and sex appeal of Scorpio season. 


1. Deep, Bold Colors:

Scorpio's energy resonates with the darker, more intense shades of the spectrum. Think rich plums, deep burgundies, and sultry blacks. Incorporate these colors into your makeup palette. A plum lipstick or a burgundy eyeliner can add a touch of Scorpio's enigma to your look.


2. Focus on the Eyes:

Often described as the "window to the soul," the eyes hold power, especially during Scorpio season. Emphasize them with dramatic lash looks or sharp winged eyeliner to add depth and intensity. Love lash extensions but hate the maintenance? We've got you covered! Our sustainable lash strips bring all of the glamor with none of the upkeep!


3. Dive into Scents:

Scorpio season is the perfect time to experiment with perfumes that have depth and complexity. Opt for musky, woody, or spicy fragrances that linger and leave a lasting impression. Think sandalwood, amber, or patchouli. Such scents resonate with Scorpio's mysterious aura.


4. Spa Rituals:

Scorpio energy encourages deep introspection and self-care. Transform your beauty routine into a ritual. Maybe it's a long bath infused with essential oils, or perhaps it's a luxury facial with rose quartz massage wands. The key is to engage in practices that soothe both your body and soul.


5. Hair Transformation:

Scorpio season is all about transformation. If you've been pondering a new haircut, hair color, or style, now might be the time to take the plunge. Whether it's a bold new color or just a few inches off, the transformative energy of Scorpio might just give you the push you need.


6. Nail the Look:

Your nails can be a canvas for Scorpio's intense energy. Opt for dark, rich colors. Think deep purples, blacks, or even a dark metallic hue. If you're feeling adventurous, you can add symbols or designs that resonate with Scorpio energy, such as a scorpion or a phoenix.


7. Rejuvenation:

This season is an excellent time to engage in treatments that rejuvenate your skin. Consider treatments like microchanelling, exfoliating HydraFacials, or dermaplaning. The idea is to shed the old and welcome the new, aligning with Scorpio's transformative nature.


8. Reflection and Intention:

Lastly, while enhancing your external beauty, take some time for introspection. Scorpio season is a time for deep reflection. As you go about your beauty routine, set intentions for the day or week. Whether it's confidence, love, or strength, infuse your beauty routine with purpose.


Scorpio season beckons us to dive deep into our souls, face our truths, and emerge stronger and more radiant. It's a time of transformation, not just internally but also in our beauty routines. Embrace the powerful energy of this season, and let it guide you in revealing your most intense, mysterious, and beautiful self.

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