Self-Care Tips for Low Vibration or Heavy Times

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of busyness, intense energy shifts, and a sort of heaviness at times. You guys have been falling asleep in my chair faster than normal, experiencing more shallow breathing, and feeling heavy due to the stresses of the holiday season. 


I believe that part of my gift is to be able to help you guys on the inside just as much as I can help you feel better on the outside. That is what this week's post is about.


A S T R O L O G Y 

If you're into astrology and curious to know what's happening in a macro sense - I'm going to share some insight. Since October 29th, we've been working through the energy of Mars retrograde in Gemini. Mars represents how we take action, compete, achieve and manifest in our life. Gemini represents communication, learning, curiosity, and knowledge. As Mars remains in retrograde motion through the end of December, it invites us to reflect upon our lives and consider the circumstances that necessitated this period of retreat. The good news is that this energy is forcing old ways to dissolve while making way for new opportunities. Of course, wherever a retrograde is involved, it can be difficult to find a clear reference point of how to move forward. This transit highlights issues related to asserting yourself, making it the perfect time to become conscious of your movements and actions. Although the holidays can be hectic, this energy encourages you to find time for stillness before jumping into any major decisions. Intentionally choosing how to invest your time and energy can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. Feeling burnt out and irritable? Mars retrograde in Gemini adds a challenging layer to communications, so choose your words carefully and avoid catty debates. If you need a distraction, use this holiday season to practice radical self-care. Although it's uncomfortable, hang in there! This energy will lead to a deepened confidence in your resilience and self-worth. 

Facial with CrystalsPictured: Ageless Light Facial by Avari Beauty


Here are some quick ideas and tips to help you get by during this time: 

1) BREATHE. Pay attention to your breathing. Are you breathing shallow, short breaths? Slow your breathing down. Exhale in longer paces. Imagine yourself releasing the heavy experiences with your breath as it becomes recycled by the Universe. Need help? I love this breathing tool called the Halo Straw necklace by my friend Erin. I highly recommend it.


2) TREAT YOU GOOD. Your body is going through a lot right now. What can you do to help it sort out all the stress, emotions, and strain? Book that massage. Go barefoot for a walk in nature for that delicious electrical charge the earth will give you. You can also book a spiritual facial with me where we will do some meditation/affirmations and I will incorporate some crystals and facial massage to help you relax. 


3) JOURNAL. You may have a lot of thoughts going on at this time. In the morning, try and get some of it out on paper. It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't have to be directed at anything in particular. Unload and dump your thoughts somewhere and feel that weight come off your brain. You can also write some affirmations down and manifest, too! 


4) EAT, MOVE, SLEEP. If you're feeling energetically heavy - it may be beneficial to avoid heavy foods. Listen to your intuition - what does your body need right now? (of course, always consult with your doctor or nutritionist before making any major changes to your diet or exercise regime). The same goes with moving the body — walking, moving, dancing, lifting weights. This has been MY struggle... but lately, I've been motivated by Minny Hustlers and also workouts on my Oculus Quest 2. Lastly, sleep. Please sleep. Your body truly needs this. I will sometimes take some CBD oil to help me sleep and stay asleep. This one is my favorite. Click this link for $15 off


I don't want to bombard you with more than four major tips right now, so I'll wrap up by saying this: please be gentle with yourself and take good care of your needs. YOUR needs. Not everyone else's. You can help when you have extra in your cup to give. 


I am so grateful for your presence in my life. You are a huge part of Avari Beauty, just as it is a part of you. You are cared for here, and it's a passion to make sure you know that.


Until I see you again, shine bright even when life can seem so dim. It's just temporary. 



Kari xoxo


Founder, Avari Beauty

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