Skincare Horrors: The 5 Biggest Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making

Skincare is not rocket science, right? Right, you are correct - caring for your skin is not technically complex. But, with so many different products and opinions in the beauty industry, creating an effective skincare routine can be a little confusing. In this blog post, we're delving into the darker side of skincare and taking a look at some of the most common (and problematic!) beauty mistakes that could be preventing you from putting your best face forward! 


Keep reading for five of the biggest beauty mistakes and alternatives to help you achieve clear, glowing #skingoals! 


Mixing Acids & Retinols

Developing an effective skincare routine often involves a lot of trial and error. In the case of acid and retinol products, less is definitely more. For example, if you have congested or textured skin, you might be tempted to simultaneously use a couple of different exfoliators. Doing this can lead to over-exfoliated skin that is inflamed, flakey, and sensitized. This is especially true if you combine retinol products and acids with chemical exfoliators. 


You can avoid irritation by building up your skin's tolerance — think little and often. And when in doubt, alternate ingredients and pay attention to your skin's response. 


Applying Your Skincare Products Immediately Before Bed 

There is no doubt about it, a good night's sleep is wonderful for your skin! During sleep, your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself in preparation for the next day. But, one of the biggest beauty mistakes people make is applying their skincare products immediately before bed! This is because products that haven't been absorbed will end up all over your pillow—a waste of money and time. 


To get the most out of your night time routine, remember to apply your skincare products one hour before you hit the sheets. This will give them time to work into the skin and begin working their magic!


Not Removing Makeup Properly

You cleanse every night and think you're taking all off of your products off, but are you really? Removing makeup, dirt, and oil from your face is arguably the most crucial step in anyone's skincare routine. Think of it this way; you wouldn't serve a delicious meal on an unclean plate! If you don't cleanse your skin thoroughly, you're not prepping it for the other skincare products you apply after. Of course, it's easy to see if you've removed your makeup—but what about rinsing off your cleanser product? With double-cleansing becoming ever more popular, many skincare enthusiasts unwittingly leave cleanser residue on their skin, leading to dry, sensitized skin and breakouts. 


To help avoid this pesky issue, we recommend using a cleanser with a natural color guide, such as a charcoal cleanser! Avari Beauty's All-In-One Charcoal Cleanser is a creamy, dreamy product containing activated charcoal, aloe vera, plant extracts, hyaluronic acids, and amino acids. Plus, it's gentle enough to be used as a double cleanser, easy to see, and safe for use with lash extensions!


Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes 

Cleaning your makeup brushes is probably one of the least glamorous tasks you can do, but it's worth doing. Not because it's fun (we know, cleaning rarely is), but because it's a crucial step in preventing breakouts and keeping your skin healthy. If you wear makeup regularly, chances are you're using at least one makeup brush, if not multiple. With repeated use, our makeup brushes accumulate dirt, bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells. Dirty makeup brushes not only lead to breakouts, but they can also expose the skin to free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative stress, resulting in a breakdown of the skin's collagen and elastin.


Keep your brushes in tip-top condition by sanitizing them at least once a week and leaving them to air dry. Avari's Eyelash Extension Foam Cleanser is perfect used as a gentle brush cleanser. Created to quickly and effectively remove sebum, dust, germs, and makeup residue, it's also safe for lash extensions! 


Using Toxic Ingredients

Have you ever noticed the ingredients listed on your skincare products, and wondered "what in the world does that mean?" Although reading the ingredients on skincare products can be confusing, it's worth it. Thousands of skincare products contain problematic ingredients, including carcinogens, hormone disrupters, and allergens. This is because the FDA does not require cosmetic companies to disclose all of the ingredients in their products.

This leaves the responsibility to educate and avoid toxins heavily on the consumer—no small task! 


As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid products that contain parabens, phthalates, triclosan, and synthetic fragrance (parfum). If you'd like to learn more about toxic skincare ingredients and what to avoid, check out our blog post all about scary skincare ingredients! 

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