Why All Lash Artists Should Educate Clients About Lash Aftercare Products

You spend hours sourcing the best lash extension products available, researching the latest lash trends, and learning new lash mapping techniques, but when was the last time you brushed up on your lash aftercare product knowledge? The truth is that the road towards client satisfaction starts with the awesome service you provide in your chair, but it doesn't end when the client leaves your salon—it continues with the lash aftercare products they take home. 


Understanding lash extension aftercare is an essential aspect of being a lash artist. As professionals, it's our job to educate our clients about how to effectively care for their lash extensions after they leave the salon. One of the best ways to do this is by educating current clients about the correct aftercare for their lashes. Not only are aftercare products critical to ensuring your clients have an excellent lash experience, but they can also help boost your bottom line and provide an additional income stream!


In this post, we'll explain why every lash artist should educate their clients about aftercare products.


Lash Aftercare Products Improve Client's Lash Experience

As lash artists, we know that lash extension retention can improve if clients use proper aftercare products. Of course, it's easy to tell clients what skincare and cosmetics ingredients to avoid if they want to keep their lashes looking lovely, but it can be challenging to recommend lash-friendly products. Here at Avari Beauty, we recommend creating a lash-friendly skincare regime for your lash clients that involves oil-free cleansing and conditioning products.


It's important to note that each client will have a different lifestyle and budget, so you should try to recommend products that are easy to use and affordable but still effective at maintaining healthy lashes. For instance, the Avari Beauty All-In-One Bamboo Charcoal Cleanser is a cost-effective lash-friendly facial cleanser that eliminates the need to purchase separate cleansers. Plus, because the cleanser is safe for lashes and gentle on the skin, it can help save time—which is a huge selling point for clients! 


Clients Expect Lash Professionals To Be Knowledgeable About Products


Here's the thing: clients value your opinion as a professional lash artist. They want to know whether they should use aftercare products on their lashes, what products you recommend, and in what way these products will be beneficial. Clients expect lash professionals to be knowledgeable about lash products because they rely on us to provide a service that requires product expertise and experience. It's essential to be able to answer your client's questions and explain why specific aftercare procedures work so well with certain lash extensions. Having a selection of go-to lash aftercare products that you've tried and tested and can confidently recommend should be a crucial part of your lash service. 


Build Your Client's Confidence In Your Lash Service

You've just spent hours meticulously applying and creating your client's perfect set of lashes. Your client is thrilled and trusts you to be their expert on all things lash. Now what? Show them that you care about their investment by recommending an effective aftercare product. As a professional lash artist, you should be familiar with the options available and prepared to recommend one that works best for your client's unique lifestyle and needs.


For instance, if your client wants a lash extension-safe product to enhance their lashes and protect them from sweat, makeup, oil, debris and more, opt for our Coating Sealant. This innovative lash product can be used as a protective measure to coat your lash extensions and increase lash retention or to create a 'wet-look' lash style!


If you're recommending a particular product, it's good practice to explain why it's worth purchasing over other options. For example:

  • "I've used [product X] and think it's great because of [benefits]."
  • "A lot of my clients think [product X] is great because of [benefits]."


Find Out More About Our Lash Aftercare Products

So, there you have it! We hope we've convinced you that lash aftercare products are not just a nice little extra that can help your clients keep their lashes looking good between appointments, but they're also a bottom-line booster! Lash aftercare products are essential to keeping your clients' lashes healthy between appointments—and you should be discussing the benefits before they leave the salon! 


Click here to learn more about our specially formulated lash aftercare products!

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