Why I Switched To Disposable Microblading Tools

Permanent and semi-permanent make-up is all the rage in the beauty industry today. Microblading is specifically popular, given the fact that it leaves customers with stunning eyebrows and enhances their facial structure – but the cosmetic fairy tale can easily turn into a nightmare if the proper and necessary precautions for microblading tools are not kept in mind or taken seriously. In our last blog post, I shared some effortless aftercare procedures that will keep your customer’s facial skin and eyebrows in great shape following the procedure. Today, I want to talk about the reason why I take microblading tools, sanitation/sterilization, and safety seriously. Which is inevitably why I, and most of the industry, are leaning towards and using disposable instruments only.
All of us have to go through bloodborne pathogen training and become certified before we can even apply for our body art licenses. During this course, we’ve learned how important it is to be safe and to provide a safe environment for not only our customers but for ourselves. Pathogens and disease can spread easily if certain protocols are not taken.
Even though I took the steps required to sterilize and sanitize my tools, I never felt completely comfortable. Not only that, but this process took so much time. It caused a lot of stress. What if for some crazy reason I missed a step? I just never, ever wanted to be in that position to wonder if I missed something and then to go back and re-do all of the steps just in case. I also thought about the doctor visits I have and how they don’t reuse some of the instruments or needle devices from patient to patient - so why would I? The risk is just not worth it to me.
So for peace of mind, I soon switched to disposable tools where I know they will be properly disposed of through the agency I use specifically for medical waste. Using a medical waste hauler is a mandatory requirement for us. If you happen to be in the state of Minnesota, I recommend checking out Stericycle. They have been wonderful to work with and are reasonable and affordable.
Speaking of disposable microblading tools, my favorite ones are actually from Amazon. Check the U-Blades out from my Amazon Storefront. Or the disposable handles! I also post a few other favorite supplies I order from there. And for the actual blades, I love using Brow Tricks blades.

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