3 Ways You Can Fight the Post-Valentine's Day Hangover With Self-Love

Valentine’s Day is over — now you can exhale. You’ve gifted your loved ones, shown them how much they mean to you, and survived the social media declarations of love. But now it’s time to take a moment and remind yourself of how amazing you are too!


Self-care is one of those things that we often put on the back burner. Whether it’s work, family obligations, or a jam-packed social schedule, it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. And while that’s completely understandable, it’s crucial to take some time to ground and recenter yourself once in a while. After all, our relationship with ourselves is the most important of all, so we should aim to cultivate it mindfully. 


Because we believe that everyone should always feel loved and appreciated here at Avari Beauty, we’re recommending everyone take some time to celebrate self-love during the aftermath of Valentine’s Day. In fact, you can (and should!) make self-care a part of your everyday routine — or at least once weekly! In this article, we’ve put together three self-care activities to help you indulge in yourself and appreciate your own beauty — inside and out.


Add A Self-Love Crystal Massage To Your Routine

We all know the benefits of regular facial massage, but if you need a quick refresh, here you go:


  • Helps to give your lymphatic and circulatory system a boost
  • Revitalizes your complexion by increasing blood circulation. 
  • Can help release toxins from the skin
  • Calms skin inflammation 


But what happens when you combine the benefits of facial massage with the power of rose quartz crystal? The answer is a gorgeously indulgent daily ritual. Rose quartz is a calming crystal that encourages all kinds of love, from deep-inner healing, bringing family together and even romantic love! Avari Beauty’s resident skin guru and founder, Kari Tribble, chose Rose Quartz to create her crystal facial wands because it carries the energy of universal love and is associated with the heart chakra. 


For a luxurious and rejuvenating facial massage, simply apply a few drops of your favorite antioxidant serum to clean skin and gently massage in a circular motion. As you massage your worries away, take a moment to practice mindful breathing and release any tension you have built up. Continue this process until the serum (and your stress!) is fully absorbed. 


Schedule an Avari Beauty Goddess Facial 

Receiving a facial massage from a licensed esthetician is one of the most relaxing and soothing skincare experiences there is. Avari Beauty’s Glowing Goddess Facial is perfect if you’re looking for a gorgeously indulgent treatment that leaves your skin ultra-hydrated and glowing. 


We begin by opening your pores with a deeply clarifying double cleanse to gently clean and prep your skin, followed by a clarifying mask. Then we create a strategic facial regime to address your skincare needs, whether you’d like a contouring mask to tighten and firm or a hydrojelly mask to sumptuously hydrate. 


Energetically charged Rose Quartz Facial Wands are used to gently massage your skin, while a combination of LED Light Therapy and microcurrent technology helps to penetrate the luxurious ingredients into the skin. The result? Firmer, more toned facial muscles and a sculpted, hydrated complexion — simply divine! 


Turn the Clock Back on Aging


Treat yourself to a belated Valentine’s Day Gift and make your skincare ritualistic every Day with Bella Aura’s Multi Wrinkle Minimizer. This revolutionary formula features potent scientifically-proven actives that e both mechanical (immediate) and biological (long-term) lifting effects! This means the skin is smoother, and wrinkles are noticeably minimized immediately and for several hours after application! 


In addition, this wonder serum contains a multifunctional polysaccharide blend which tightens skin and forms a protective, nourishing layer to help seal in hydration and reduce the aging effects of environmental aggressors such as pollutants and irritants. 


To show your skin some love, simply apply 1-2 pumps after cleansing morning and evening, and use the tips of your index and middle finger to gently pat the luxurious serum into the skin with quick, repetitive taps. Watch the light as air formula seamlessly disappears into your skin! Voila — gorgeously glowing, younger-looking skin in just a few minutes!


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