Y2K Beauty Trends Are Back: How You Can Achieve The Y2K Look in 2022

With everyone yearning for a little nostalgia, the Y2K aesthetic is back and better than ever. In fact, the term 'Y2K' has over 4.6 billion views on TikTok alone! Like an old friend (or foe!) you haven't seen for a while, the Y2K trend is bringing back so many memories — and we're all for it. If you weren't around for the original trend — or need your memory jogging a little — we've got you covered! The Y2K look is based on the best trends from the 2000s: glitter eyeshadow, frosted lips, and the controversial thin brow! Think glam 2000s with updated routines and wildly improved product quality!

So whether Y2K was your heyday or before your earthly debut, we're taking a look at some of the most coveted 2000s beauty trends and giving you some tips on how you can achieve them in 2022! Check out our founder Kari showing you how to achieve these looks below!

Glitter Eyeshadow Y2K Trend

The quintessential Y2K beauty look has got to be glitter lids. All of our favorite noughties popstars from Britney to J-Lo rocked shimmery lids. From cool-toned blues and baby pinks to futuristic silver, glittery eyes were everywhere! If you're still finding glitter in your hair from the first go around, don't fear- the new version of the trend is just as sparkly but a little more refined. Think celestial shimmer rather than chunky glitter.

To achieve this look, we love layering Avari Beauty Magic Otherworldly Pigment in shade "Tranquil" over a neutral shadow for a chic and on-trend Y2K shimmery eye. For a super-nostalgic look, combine with white eyeliner!

Body Glitter Y2K Trend

Do you remember the chunky body glitter roll-on sticks that turned you into a walking disco ball? You'll be happy to know that trend isn't back! However, what is back, is an ethereal, futuristic highlighter effect for the skin. This look is the perfect way to accentuate the collarbone, cheekbones, and any other features you want to draw attention to.

Create an ultra-flattering sheen by taking Avari Beauty Magic Light Pigment in "Golden Light" and tapping your fingers lightly onto the high points of your collarbone and your shoulders for a deliciously warm glow. For a more dramatic effect, layer with Otherworldly Pigment Flakes in shade, Glow.

Frosted Lips Y2K Trend

After a matte-lip takeover the past several years, we're finally seeing a resurgence of glossy, frosted lips! If you avoided this trend the first time around, we have good news! With finer, more delicate pigments and blends, the updated Y2K frosty lip trend is a lot more flattering than it once was.

Opt for soft, sheer pink shades for a modern everyday take on the trend. For a bigger impact, we love layering with Magic Light Pigment in Cold Kiss for a truly nostalgic noughties lip.

Thin Brows Y2K Trend

Although this is probably the most controversial 2000s look on this list, we couldn't leave out the "Skinny Brows" trend. A favorite of supermodels like Kate Moss and Tyra Banks, pencil-thin brows were the brow shape of the Y2K period. Unfortunately, the thin brow trend is also responsible for a lot of brow casualties — think overplucked, sparse, harsh-looking brows.

If you're still suffering the consequences of 2000s brows, don't worry! Revitabrow Advanced is an award-winning serum that contains super-potent brow strengthening ingredients like peptides, lipids, biotin, and green tea extract. Applied one daily, this growth serum conditions and strengthens to create luscious, beautiful-looking eyebrows — how you style them after is entirely up to you!

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