5 Tips For Finding Your Lash Artist Twin Flame

If you follow any beauty accounts on social media, there's a good chance that you've seen at least one "lash nightmare" post showing clumpy, sticky, spidery lashes. This type of post is important in highlighting the value of a professional and experienced lash tech, but unfortunately, it can also steer some people away from trying out lash extensions entirely. 

Finding a reliable, talented, and experienced lash artist doesn't have to be tough. We've created this blog to celebrate the incredibly talented lash artists who take pride and passion in their work — and to help you find your very own twin flame lash tech! Save yourself a lot of time — and a potential lash disaster — by reading this curated list of lash artist must-ask questions! 

Is Your Lash Tech Experienced? 

When it comes to applying lash extensions safely and beautifully, education and experience matter. Understanding the lash growth cycle, optimal placement, and the most effective products to use, is paramount to customer satisfaction. Think of it like this — your lash tech will be using several sharp objects and medical grade adhesive near your delicate eye area, so they must know how to use them! In addition, an experienced lash technician will always respect and consider your natural lash line while determining the optimal lash results. Lash damage is easily avoided with careful work, good aftercare, and knowledge of the lashing process. Although it might not be what you want to hear, an honest and moral lash tech will let you know if your lash line is too weak to support lash extensions. On the bright side, they'll also be able to suggest effective products to help you improve the health of your natural lashes! 

Professionals who are able to perform eyelash extension services is regulated on a state-by-state basis. For instance, in the state of Minnesota, a lash technician must be a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, or have completed a designated lash technician course. If you live in a state that has regulations for lash artists, it's crucial that you ask any potential lash tech if they meet these regulations. Your lash tech twin flame should be able to explain to you the lash application process clearly, while also advising you on best practices for taking care of your lash extensions once back at home. 

Does Your Lash Tech Provide A Clean Environment?

Keeping a clean and hygienic workspace is vital when dealing with delicate human eyes. Your lash tech should take care to thoroughly disinfect the tools they work with between each client, as well as sanitizing and disinfecting their workspace after each client. 

When engaging potential lash techs, don't be afraid to ask them about the cleanliness measures they take to keep clients safe. Pay attention to the workspace; does it appear clean? Does your lash tech wash her hands before starting an appointment? How do they store and sterilize their tools? At Avari Beauty, we care deeply about our clients' safety; therefore, we use disposable tools to ensure our clients receive the highest level of hygiene possible during their lash service.   

What Does Your Lash Tech's Portfolio Look Like?

Your potential lash tech's portfolio can reveal a lot — not only about their artistry but also their work practices. Once you've determined that a lash tech can deliver the aesthetic you desire, you should also look a little closer at the details of their portfolio. Do the lashes have a clean base and attachment? Are the lashes free of glue globs and thick black bases? Lashes should not look stuck and stiff; the ideal lash tech will neatly arrange them via their lash map. In addition, lashes and eyelids should appear clean and free of oil and debris. Is their work consistent across the board? All of these are important considerations when finding a lash tech.

Is Your Lash Tech Professional?

Creating beautiful lashes isn't all glitz and glam — there's also a business side that is integral to a lash tech's success. The ideal lash technician should provide you with professional advice and guidance, from how to improve lash retention to the most effective aftercare products to support your lash goals. In addition, does your lash tech have an informative website with educational articles and descriptions of their services? Is their booking process easy and well organized? Are they accessible if you have questions? Do they keep an updated client history? The answers to all of these questions can help you narrow down your search for the perfect lash tech. 

Do They Make You Feel Comfortable?

Lash appointments should be used as an opportunity to relax and unwind. As most lash appointments last at least 60 minutes, it's essential that you're comfortable with your lash tech and the environment. When you arrive for your lash appointment, does your lash tech make you feel welcomed and at ease? Although they're unlikely to become your new best friend (but not impossible!), you should still feel like you can confide in them, especially about your lash service! Professional lash techs love feedback, which helps them hone their craft and gain a greater understanding of their clients. 

Your lash tech twin flame will also share the latest lash trends and techniques with you, with a goal of continually improving their service and your experience. If a potential lash tech is always striving to advance their education, product selection, and customer experience, you can be sure you've found a keeper! 

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