7 Must-Know Steps to Get Glowy Skin at Home

After almost one year of staring at our faces on a zoom screen —and few opportunities to see our estheticians (we miss you too!)— women everywhere are looking for ways to level up their at-home beauty routines. If you're working from home or haven't been able to schedule a professional facial in a while, here are some super simple at-home tips to help you achieve glowy, camera-ready skin. 

Less Is More

When it comes to skincare products, it’s possible to have "too much of a good thing." Over-cleansing and over-exfoliating, or using moisturizing products that are too heavy for your skin, can disrupt its delicate balance. One of the easiest, and most effective ways of improving your skincare from home, is adapting to a skin-fasting routine. Skin-fasting is a way of giving your skin a product break once or twice a week, to encourage regulation of its own oils. Simply take one day a week off from your skincare routine, and let your skin do its thing! If you'd like to learn more about skin fasting and its benefits, you can read our in-depth guide.

Consider Your Water (Inside & Out)

Everyone knows that H2O is excellent for the skin. Drinking water helps to hydrate your skin and flush toxins out of the body. In fact, studies have revealed that staying hydrated helps increase blood flow to the skin, improving its tone and cell turnover. But did you know that the type of water you bathe and cleanse in also makes a difference? For instance, if you live in an area of soft water, you might find it more difficult to remove cosmetics and soap residue. One way to counteract this is to use facial cleansers sparingly to avoid a build-up on the skin. On the other hand, living in a hard water area can dry out your skin and make cleansers less effective. Opting for more gentle cleansers that don't lather can help avoid excessive dryness. If you'd like to check the water quality in your area, head to the Environmental Protection Agency's website (epa.gov).

Practice Facial Massage

Ever wondered why professional facials leave your skin glowing and your body relaxed? No, it's not only because of the luxury skincare products used; it's also because of the stimulating facial massage your esthetician includes! Facial massage helps to relax your muscles while increasing blood flow and rejuvenating your complexion. Advocates of facial massage say that it can help with everything from lymphatic drainage to acne concerns. 

One of the easiest ways to give yourself a facial massage at home is to use a facial wand. You can use facial wands to target specific pressure points in the face and release the tension your face has built up during the day. At Avari Beauty, we created our rose quartz facial wands to target your skin's needs perfectly. Whether you're concerned about fine lines or simply want to improve your lymphatic drainage, our crystal wands can help to turn routine into ritual! To learn more about the benefits of at-home facial massage, click here. 

Prioritize Beauty Sleep 

A good night's sleep improves everything from your mood and general wellbeing to your energy level and your skin's repair mechanisms. While sleeping, our body is able to focus on repairing itself by increasing blood flow to the skin and rebuilding its collagen supply. When sleep-deprived, our body is put under stress, releasing hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol that can trigger inflammation and breakouts. You can help your at-home skincare routine along by aiming for seven to nine hours of shut-eye each night. 

Improve Your Air Quality

Heavily polluted and smoky environments are filled with free radicals that damage skin and speed up the aging process. Even indoor pollutants can have a negative impact on your skin by causing it to dry out, making more fine lines more noticeable. Keeping on top of small maintenance tasks, such as changing your air filters and using the fan over your range when cooking with oil, can help improve your indoor air quality. If you really want to keep dehydrated skin at bay, consider running a humidifier in your bedroom — this is especially important during the cold winter months. Humidifiers increase air hydration levels by putting moisture into the environment, helping to stop your skin's natural oils from becoming stripped. 

Choose the Right Cleanser

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or combination, the daily cleanser you use can have a significant impact on your complexion. For people with dry skin, you should avoid soap cleansers that lather, as they can be too harsh and strip the skin's moisture barrier. Although this may sound counter-intuitive, oily skin can also be exacerbated by harsh soaps and cleansers because they cause the skin to produce more natural oils to counteract dryness. At Avari Beauty, we believe in gentle but effective skincare, which is why we're launching our very own cleanser! Designed to remove makeup and draw out impurities, our specially formulated cleanser cleans skin without drying. Sign up to out newsletter for official launch news and special offers! 

Keep Stress At Bay

Stress takes a toll on almost every part of your body — especially your skin. In fact, stress is one of the biggest causes of acne breakouts, as it causes the body to release cortisol which can lead to increased oil production. Stress also increases inflammation in the body and has a negative effect on the immune system. If you live with a skin condition such as psoriasis or rosacea, you probably find that it worsens during periods of anxiety or emotional upheaval. 

Some causes of stress are unavoidable; however, practicing mindfulness and utilizing calming techniques each day can help to reduce everyday stress. To save time, you can incorporate a calming ritual into your daily skincare routine, such as facial massage or stimulating facial pressure points when cleansing and moisturizing. Check out the Avari Beauty YouTube channel for some informative "how-to" facial massage videos. 

At Avari Beauty, we understand that choosing the right skincare and developing an effective routine can be tricky, which is why we make it simple for our clients to find an effective solution to their complexion needs. We advocate for only the most effective and high-quality skincare products on the market, so you can rest assured that your complexion is in knowledgeable hands. Click here to shop our range of luxury skincare products. 

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