There is nothing quite like the feeling of a brand new, full, fluttery lash set. Whether you’ve got a special event to attend or simply want to save time on your morning routine (and look amazing doing it!), lash extensions are the perfect way to complement your look. Of course, with great lashes come great responsibility! How you care for your lashes plays a big part in lash longevity. In this blog post, we’re sharing five fool-proof ways you can make your lash extensions last longer.


Wash Your Lashes Daily

If you want to keep your lash extensions looking full and fluffy for as long as possible, you must wash and brush them every day. Keeping your lash extensions clean is one of the best ways to extend their longevity and maintain your natural lashes’ health. Why? Because oil, dust, and makeup residue can weaken the lash bond, leading to premature lash fallout. Cleansing your lashes daily removes this debris and helps to keep the glue bond intact. 


The easiest and fastest way to cleanse your lashes is to use an all-in-one lash extension-friendly facial cleanser, such as All-In-1 Bamboo Charcoal Cleanser. This creamy, luxurious cleanser contains natural bamboo charcoal, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts, and amino acids for a soothing, deep clean. It’s free from oil and parabens and is gentle enough to use as a double cleanser. Our clients love this product because it’s safe for lashes and takes care of two daily skincare tasks in one go, saving time and money — win-win!


Alternatively, if you already have a facial cleanser you love and want a specific product to cleanse your lashes, opt for a gentle lash cleanser such as the Avari Beauty Eyelash Foam Cleanser. This specialized formula cleans and hydrates both natural lashes and eyelash extensions, plus it can also be used as an effective makeup brush cleanser! 


Avari Beauty Tip: Use a soft brush to massage your lashes and remove dirt and debris for a luxurious everyday self-care moment! 


Use A Protective Eyelash Coating

If you’re invested in keeping your lash extensions in tip-top condition, you need to add a protective eyelash coating into your daily routine! This product helps to extend the life of lash adhesive and increase lash extension longevity. 


A protective lash coating, such as Bislash Nutritional Lash Coating, coats your lashes in a hydrating sealant that shields against sweat, makeup, and environmental factors. With added oat and royal jelly extract it will also nourish your natural lashes while increasing retention between lash fills!


Use Lash-Friendly Products

For maximum lash longevity, it’s important to avoid using certain ingredients and beauty products on or around your eyes — including products that contain oil, alcohol, and even waterproof mascara! 

This is because oil-based products can damage the lash extension bond, and alcohol can dry out the delicate skin around your eyes and cause irritation. 


Many everyday beauty and skincare products contain oil and alcohol, so be sure to check the ingredient list before using. If you’re not sure whether a product you use is safe (or would like some lash-friendly recommendations!), ask your lash tech! 


Don’t Pull Your Lashes!

To get the most wear out of your eyelash extensions, it’s important to treat them gently. This means avoiding pulling, rubbing, or plucking them! Trichotillomania is a condition in which you feel an urge to pull out hair from your body, such as your eyelashes or eyebrows. If you live with Trichotillomania, it’s important to let your lash tech know! Although lash extensions may not be suitable for you, there are other services that can help you achieve your lash goals, such as a lash lift!


Avari Beauty Tip: If you find yourself needing to adjust your lashes or you have an itch, use a dry and clean mascara wand to brush through your lash extensions from root to tip.


Schedule Regular Lash Fills

Regular lash refill appointments keep your lash line looking full and fluttery! Lash refill appointments are an opportunity for your lash tech to assess your lash condition and replace any lost lash extensions. As our lashes have a growth cycle, it’s natural to have some lash fall between appointments. Keeping up with your lash maintenance helps address lash loss before it becomes noticeable. If you miss your 2-3 week lash fill window, your lash tech will need to add more extensions to bring your lashline back to the fluffy, fullness you love. 


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