Body Waxing: 5 Tips For Smooth, Long-Lasting Wax Results

Ah, summer. The season of sundresses, beach days, and — full-body epilation? If the thought of pesky unwanted hair and unruly bikini lines is spoiling your summer plans, you’re in luck! Avari Beauty now offers complete face and body waxing services! In celebration of this announcement (and all things smooth and silky!), we are discussing five important tips you need to know for long-lasting body wax results.


What Is Waxing?

There are some pretty big misconceptions out there about body and facial waxing, but fear not! We’re here to tell you all about the facts and fiction of waxing away unwanted hair — to make your waxing experience more satisfying and (most importantly) more comfortable!


Waxing is a hair removal process that has been practiced for thousands of years. In fact, it’s believed that the women of ancient Egypt used early beeswax and sugar-based waxes to remove all of their body hair, including on their heads. Because waxing pulls the hairs from the root, it lasts much longer and provides smoother results than many other hair removal techniques, such as shaving.


When it comes to waxing, the best hair removal experience combines esthetician skill and high-quality products. At Avari Beauty, we use only the best wax and ultra-gentle aftercare products that are specifically formulated to prevent skin irritation. As everyone is different, we take the time to understand our client’s goals, skin types, and lifestyle habits to create a strategic hair removal plan that will deliver silky smooth skin all year-round. 


Follow these five simple tips for the best body wax results!


1. Schedule Your Wax Around Your Cycle

Waxing can be uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be intolerable. When we’re stressed, upset, or anxious, we might be more prone to having a painful waxing experience. This is also true if you schedule a wax while menstruating, as our nerve endings can be more sensitive at this time of the month. 


For the most comfortable wax possible, try to relax and give yourself plenty of time. The more relaxed we are, the easier it will be for the hairs to slide out of the follicle. Approach your waxing appointment as a moment of self-care that you will reap the benefits from for weeks after! 


2. Prep Your Body

If you know your skin is sensitive or prone to inflammation after waxing, take an antihistamine or painkiller (such as Aleve) around 30 minutes before your wax appointment. This will help avoid any mild inflammatory response your body might have to waxing. You should also avoid using any lotion or oils before your scheduled wax, as these products could stop the wax from properly adhering to unwanted hair. 


3. Regularly Exfoliate Your Skin Between Waxing Appointments

The best waxing results come from well-hydrated, exfoliated skin. That’s right! Exfoliating your skin before your wax appointment can help the wax to grip hair better and create a more effective result. Regular exfoliation can also help discourage painful ingrown hairs. 


Of course, waxing can also inadvertently exfoliate the skin by removing the top layer of dead skin cells along with unwanted hair. To reduce the risk of irritation, you should avoid exfoliating your skin for 24-48 hours before your scheduled wax.  


4. Give Your Skin Some Post-Wax TLC

Your skin can feel a little tender after waxing, so it’s essential to follow all post-wax instructions from your esthetician and avoid any harsh skin care products. If you typically use body lotions that include chemical exfoliators such as AHAs and BHAs, you should also avoid these for a couple of days post-wax.


Your esthetician can provide you with gentle post-waxing product recommendations to calm and soothe your skin and help prevent ingrown hairs. We recommend using a product like our Ingrown Hair and Razor Bump Cream. This sumptuous treatment cream helps reduce the appearance of unsightly ingrown hairs, while also moisturizing, softening, brightening and smooth the skin. For extra TLC add a clarifying product with bacteria-inhibiting tea tree oil and soothing aloe to keep skin hydrated and protected after waxing. 



5. Schedule Regular Wax Appointments

The optimal length of time to wait between waxing appointments depends on a number of factors, including the body area you’re waxing and how quickly your hair grows. For the best results, hair should be between ¼ inch to ½ inch in length at your wax appointment, as this gives the wax enough hair to secure a good grip while still staying close to the skin. As a general rule of thumb, body wax appointments should be scheduled every 4-6 weeks. 


Are you looking to schedule a body wax or face wax in Twin Cities, MN? Click here to book your wax appointment with Avari Beauty’s licensed estheticians today and get summer ready! 

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