Cleaning Your Lash Extensions: Why You Should Cleanse Your Lashes Daily

Eyelash extension aftercare is just as important as the application process. In fact, the myth that you can't get your lashes that wet after getting extensions is just that: a myth. The truth is, to keep your eyelash extensions looking fluffy, luscious, and full, they need a little TLC daily. Fortunately, keeping your lash extensions looking fabulous isn't as difficult as you might think! Keep reading to learn how to cleanse your lash extensions and keep them looking gorgeous!

Improved Lash Retention

Eyelashes, in addition to being beautiful, also protect our peepers. By keeping dirt, dust, and other debris away from the eye area, eyelashes play an important role in protecting the delicate eye area. Failing to remove the daily buildup of sebum, dirt, and bacteria from your lashes can compromise the integrity of your extension adhesive—this can lead to premature lash loss. A good lash-cleansing regimen improves lash retention and longevity of your fluttery, full lash line. 

Reduce Risk of Infection

As we mentioned above, lashes protect our eyes from debris; however, they also protect our eyes from infection. Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids caused by a buildup of bacteria in your skin and lashes. If you develop blepharitis, your eyelids might become swollen, painful, and red. Of course, blepharitis is also bad news for lashes and lash extensions and can lead to premature lash loss and eyelash extension removal.

One way to keep blepharitis at bay is to wash your lashes daily — this includes natural lashes or lashes extensions! Regularly cleansing your lashes will remove excess sebum and dirt and reduce your chances of developing an infection.  

Improved Lash Health

All lashes follow a natural growth and shed cycle. Keeping your lashes clean and free-from debris buildup can help to ensure that your natural lashes continue to grow and fall in their natural cycle.  

Basic Lash Aftercare Do's and Don'ts:


  • Don't get lashes wet for the first 24 hours.
  • Don’t have a steamy shower or use a sauna for 48 hours. After this, limit them for better retention.
  • Don’t use oil-based makeup or skincare on your lash extensions.
  • Don't rub or pull your lashes.


  • Do wash your lashes daily (2x daily is best)
  • Do comb your lashes daily 
  • Do invest in a lash-safe facial cleanser


How to Cleanse Your Lashes

When cleansing your lashes we recommend using a lash extension- friendly cleanser, such as Avari Beauty's Eyelash Foam Cleanser. This cleanser has been specially formulated for natural lashes and eyelash extensions to gently clean and remove oil and residue. For an extra luxurious lash-cleasing experience, we like to use a soft and dense brush that will help to gently dislodge buildup. 


To clean you lashes simply:

  1. Dispense 1-2 pumps of cleanser onto an eyelash cleansing brush
  2. Apply directly onto the eyelids and eyelashes and gently massage 
  3. Work the foam into the lashes in small circular motions
  4. Pay special attention to the base of the lashes and lash line 
  5. Rinse the foam off gently with water and pat dry
  6. Comb your lashes through with a clean mascara wand and allow to air dry 

For cleansing your entire face in one step while also cleansing your lash extensions, we recommend our Bamboo Charcoal All-in-One Cleanser!  

Remember to clean your lashes at least once daily to keep them healthy and free from residue! Good lash aftercare will help ensure that you get the best longevity out of your lash extensions while also keeping your natural lashes healthy!

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