Product Spotlight: Sustainable Lash Extensions

Sustainable beauty practices are the future, which is why we developed Avari Beauty Sustainable Lash Extensions. Created from recyclable HDPE fibers, our sustainable lash extensions are comfortable to wear, easy to work with, and kinder to the earth. Keep reading to learn more about our eco-friendly lash extensions and how we're helping to make the beauty industry more sustainable. 


Why Sustainable Lash Extensions?

Single-use plastics have a significant impact on the environment. From polluting our waterways to making their way into the food chain, microplastics damage our habitats and leach toxins. Traditional lash extensions are made from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), a type of polyester that is not biodegradable.


When Avari Beauty's founder, Kari Tribble, considered how many lashes she used in her salon, it brought up an important question: What happens to all of these lashes when they fall off into the sink or onto the ground? 


Concerned about the impact these lashes might have on the environment, Kari began to research and learn more about polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) lashes. In her research, she realized that many lashes eventually end up in waterways, soil, and garbage facilities. As PBT is not biodegradable — in our lifetime, at least — it takes hundreds of years to break down. In addition, these tiny microplastics are often consumed by aquatic wildlife such as fish, making their way up the food chain into larger animals — including humans.  


In her mission to leave the planet better than she found it, Kari decided to create an earth-friendly alternative to PBT lashes — the first sustainable HDPE eyelash extensions available in the beauty industry!



HDPE plastics are 100% recyclable and have an incredibly low environmental impact. Because HDPE is a material made from recycled fibers, it has a much faster degradation period in soil and water compared to other plastics. In fact, when compared to other lash extension products, from extraction to production, HDPE requires little to no energy input! 




As well as being kinder to the earth and recyclable, Avari Beauty's HDPE lashes are soft, lightweight, and extremely comfortable to wear. You can treat your sustainable lashes exactly like you would traditional lash extensions. Here are some tips to help you increase the longevity of your eco-friendly lashes:



Oil-based products can weaken the glue bond that attaches the extension to your natural eyelash, leading to premature lash extension loss. Common beauty products such as cream-based eyeliners often contain oil, so be sure to check the ingredient list of any products you use near your eyes. 



Cleansing your eyelashes twice a day, morning and evening, will help to keep them free of oil, dirt, and cosmetics. If not cleaned regularly, oil and residue will weaken the extension glue bonds increasing the chance of them falling off prematurely. 


For a gentle and effective clean, use a high-quality extension-friendly cleanser such as the Avari Beauty All-In-One Bamboo Charcoal Cleanser. This luxurious cream is specially created to gently cleanse skin and eyelashes, removing sebum, oil, debris, and other build-up. 



Brush your lashes regularly to remove debris from your extensions. You can do this by taking a mascara wand and gently brushing your lashes from root to tip. For best results, do this each morning and evening after washing them to ensure they stay in place and look their fluttery best!



Eyelashes have a natural cycle of around three months; however, not every lash is in the same growth phase at any one time. As the fallout and growth cycle varies, it's important to schedule your infill every 2-3 weeks to replace fallen lashes. Staying on top of your lash maintenance will ensure your lash set continues to look full and fluffy. 


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