Avari Beauty's Black Friday sale is almost here (Friday, November 25—mark it on your calendar!), so get ready to stock up on all your favorite products! Don't miss out on 20% off* the Avari Beauty online store! (*from 11/25 12:00 AM to 11/25 11:59 PM) You'll find all of our best-selling products under the "SHOP" tab on our website, including our Sustainable Eyelash Extensions and award-winning skincare from exclusive brands such as Bella Aura.


To take advantage of this exclusive Black Friday discount, simply enter the code "BLCKFDY20" at checkout! Ready to wrap your holiday shopping up this early and treat yourself? We've got you covered this holiday season! Our new gift collections have everything you need to finish your shopping list and treat yourself. Plus, don't forget — throughout November, you can get 10% off your AB Brow Special with Maya or Nicole or 10% off lash extension sets with Emma! (You must mention this discount at your appointment to claim!)


Forget the stress of running around last minute or shopping in busy stores; let us take care of your holiday gifting needs! Here is our list of must-have Black Friday beauty and skincare products for you. 



When stress levels rise and time is at a premium, the secret to looking (and feeling!) amazing lies in self-care. Looking for the perfect companion for the long commute, short flight, or the chaos of urban life? Avari Beauty's luxury Rose Quartz Facial Wands! Sculpted from genuine Rose Quartz crystal, these opulent facial wands help to enhance cellular rejuvenation, tone facial muscles, and improve lymphatic drainage—all while bathing your skin in the energy of universal love.


 For a gorgeous glow, use your rose quartz facial wands morning and evening to gently massage your skin and encourage circulation. For an added boost, set an intention of love and self-acceptance before each use and allow this daily self-care ritual to rejuvenate your skin and your spirit. 



If your skin tends to get a little frazzled during the holiday season, don't fret! Stressed-out skin is no problem for Bella Aura's Rapid Repair Clarifying Elixir. Refresh and renew your complexion with this multifunctional antimicrobial skin tonic. Featuring an innovative formula that deeply clarifies and soothes skin, this magical elixir protects the skin's natural moisture barrier and gently rebalances its flora. 


We recommend using Bella Aura's Rapid Repair twice a day for a beautifully natural glow. After cleansing, gently pat over the entire face and let it absorb for a minute or two before applying your moisturizer. 



Between family, holiday parties, and everything in between, getting your lash fix during the busiest time of the year can feel impossible. For the times you can't visit your lash technician, we have you covered. Avari Beauty's Sustainable Strip Lashes make it easy to enjoy gorgeously fluttery lashes without leaving your home! The perfect alternative to glue-adhesive eyelashes, these innovative strip lashes are reusable and can even be used with eyelash extensions for a delightfully dramatic look!


To apply, simply line your eyes with the unique eyeliner and mascara included and apply the reusable strip lash. No waste, no mess, and no irritants! When you're ready to remove, simply wash off with warm water and a gentle cleanser — yes, it's that easy!



Love the feeling of a fresh lash set and wish you could keep it everyday? We have you covered! Grab our nutritional lash coating in your Black Friday haul this year! Featuring a unique blend of oat and royal jelly extract, this ultra-nourishing serum coats your lash extensions with a nutritional coating to help protect them against sweat, makeup, and environmental factors. 


In fact, you also even use it on your natural lashes to help hold a curl and create a clear mascara effect! For best results, we recommend applying a thin coat of product 1-2 times daily.



Skincare is self-care, but sometimes even we fall victim to skipping steps in our regimen! That's why we created our Bamboo Charcoal All-In-One Cleanser — so we could skip steps without the guilt! Save precious time during this hectic holiday season with this All-In-One creamy, ultra-gentle cleanser specially created for use with lash extensions — no separate facial cleanser needed! 


Use this dreamy, lightweight formula twice a day to keep breakouts at bay. Featuring 86% naturally-sourced ingredients, including natural bamboo charcoal, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids, this gentle cleanser quickly and easily removes festive makeup looks. Instantly wipe away residue and impurities from your skin and lashes for a clean and refreshed feeling without irritation. 



If you're looking for a skincare savior, check out Bella Aura's Gravity Reverse Sculptor. Used daily, this nifty little tool can help to significantly improve your skin's tone and elasticity in any area of the body! Featuring an innovative beauty roller design, this must-have skincare tool delivers solar micro-currents that activate skin cells and increase microcirculation to deliver an incredible face and body massage!


In addition to increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, regular use can also help depuff your skin and eliminate toxins. For incredible results, use it with Bella Aura's award-winning skin care products to lift, firm, contour, clarify and tighten your skin. 


 Don't forget, if anything in the Avari Beauty online store catches your eye, from 11/25 12:00 AM to 11/25 11:59 PM, you can get 20% off! Simply use code: "BLCKFDY20" at checkout! Happy shopping! 

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