5 Winter Beauty Trends For 2023

Confession time: the Avari Beauty team is a little addicted to TikTok. And whenever we're not working, we're talking about trending beauty, the news, and TikTok memes. In fact, there's nary a trending TikTok beauty product or makeup hack we haven't tried! In this blog post, we're rounding up the biggest winter beauty trends according to #BeautyTok.



Siren Eyes

Siren eyes is a TikTok term that refers to the ultra-glam winged liner look that's on everyones FYP right now. Smudgy and sexy, Siren eyes are soft but dramatic and create the perfect blend of eyeliner and sultry smokey eye. Siren eyes create the illusion of an elongated cat-eye shape—think the super popular thread-lift look (like Bella Hadid) but no needles required. 


To create the siren eye look, simply take your favorite eyeliner and draw a thin line from just above the crease to the outer corner of your eye. Next, connect the line to create a wing shape that elongates the eye. Finally, for the 'siren' part, take a dark shadow and softly go over the lines for a soft, smudgey effect. For an ultra glamorous holiday look, add a strip lash to complete your siren eye. 




Vampire Skin

Vampire Skin (yes—inspired by Cullens in all of their sparkling glory!) is a makeup technique that mixes equal parts foundation and shimmery pigment to create and enviable glow. Originally created by TikTok creator August Sombatkamarai, Twilight skin has taken social media by storm—but don't take our word for it, check out the 1.5 million TikTok views!  


To create this dewy, glossy finish simply mix your favorite foundation or tinted moisturizer with a highlighter or sparkling pigment, like Avari Beauty's Magic Light Pigment



Icy Lids


We are loving the 90s #BeautyTok trends, and the glitter cut crease is no exception! Plus, it's super easy to achieve and is perfect for the holiday season! 


To create this look, apply a soft neutral tone to the lids and around the eye. Next, get yourself a highly pigmented glitter, such as Avari Beauty's Otherworldy Pigment Flakes, and dab it over lids to create a shimmering, ethereal look that is simply divine. If you want to add more definition, add a cat eye and strip lashes for the ultimate holiday party look! 

Pigment Flakes


Crystal beauty is having a moment right now, and we're loving it. More and more people are discovering the gorgeously soothing and invigorating properties of genuine crystal. Whether you opt for jade gua sha tools or genuine rose quartz wands, crystal facial massage helps to increase blood flow and relax the muscles to tone the skin, increase circulation, decrease puffiness and add a glow!

A stunning skin


Clean Skin


Just because the cold weather is setting in, does not meant that radiant, glowing skin is out. The clean skin TikTok trend is waving goodbye to dull, dry skin and saying hello to soothing, juicy, glowing skin. Whether you're a fan of slugging or prefer light hydration, the trick is to keep your skin ultra-nourished and healthy. 


To keep your skin clear and moisturized this winter, we recommend opting for high-quality, scientifically-proven skincare, like Bella Aura's Multi Repair Rescue Masque! This multi-targeted mask is carefully formulated with high-performance bioflavonoids that regulate the skin’s microbiome. Featuring micro silver and Norwegian Spruce, this potent yet gentle formula visibly clears acne, reduces the appearance of pores, evens skin tone and texture, and helps your skin thrive and maintain balance—no matter the weather! 


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