Bamboo Charcoal Skincare Benefits: Everything You Need To Know

As an environmentally conscious business that honors the earth, it's our passion to create and share effective beauty products produced from sustainable resources. Bamboo charcoal is a natural, fragrance-free, allergen-free, and non-toxic ingredient that is especially beneficial for the skin. In this article, we're discussing all of the incredible skincare benefits of bamboo charcoal and why you should add this wonder ingredient to your skincare regime. 

What Is Bamboo Charcoal?

Bamboo charcoal is created from the Moso bamboo plant, which is mainly grown in China. Bamboo charcoal has an extremely large surface area, making it highly effective at absorbing toxins and exfoliating the skin. Although it may sound odd, adsorbing is not a typo — it means that irritants, dirt, and oil stick to something rather than being absorbed by it. Because of its adsorbent properties, bamboo charcoal is wonderful for clearing skin of debris, dead cells, and toxins.

What are the Benefits of Bamboo Charcoal?

Bamboo charcoal provides a number of skincare benefits — the most well-known benefit is its superior cleansing ability. As a natural detoxifier, bamboo charcoal helps to draw out bacteria, chemicals, dirt, excess sebum, and more from clogged pores. When used as a cleanser, skin is left feeling gorgeously clean, enabling your other skincare products to penetrate deeply. Another huge advantage of bamboo charcoal is that it isn't too harsh, even for sensitive skin. No chemicals are used to create bamboo charcoal; plus, bamboo can renew itself for generations without the use of synthetic herbicides, fertilizers, or pesticides — making it safe for green beauty enthusiasts. 

Bamboo is also a natural source of silica. Studies have shown that it can help prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, keeping the skin firm and supple. This is because silica helps to form the building blocks of collagen. Collagen is crucial for healthy skin and can help it retain elasticity. 

Other benefits of bamboo charcoal skin care include:

Can Help Minimize Breakouts

As bamboo charcoal is a potent cleanser, it removes excess sebum and pore-clogging debris on your skin. If not removed, this can lead to breakouts and blackheads. Daily use with a bamboo charcoal cleanser could help to minimize acne.

Effective Antifungal Benefits 

Bamboo charcoal is an effective antifungal ingredient and can inhibit fungal growth. In addition, studies have also shown that it's highly effective against bacteria such as E. Coli and Staph.  

Can Promote Smoother Skin

Due to its antibacterial, antifungal, pore-cleansing, impurity-fighting superpowers, bamboo charcoal gives your skin a detoxifying helping hand. By removing unwanted debris and reducing congestion, regular use leaves your skin looking brighter and more radiant!

What Skin Type Should Use Bamboo Charcoal?

All skin types can benefit from the wonders of bamboo charcoal. As charcoal is so effective at removing excess oil, those with oily skin can especially benefit from a charcoal-based skincare product. Most importantly, bamboo charcoal is not known to cause allergic reactions or irritation, so most dry and sensitive skin types can also use it.*

*Avari Beauty note: It's important to research the product you're using and the other ingredients included in the formula. Although bamboo charcoal is safe for most people, the other ingredients in the product may not be. To avoid irritation, be sure to opt for a gentle charcoal-based product that uses natural ingredients and protects the skin's barrier.

What Skincare Products Are The Best For Bamboo Charcoal?

Due to its myriad of benefits, bamboo charcoal is everywhere, and you'll find many products on the market that contain it. If you have particularly oily skin that breaks out often, you might benefit from a bamboo charcoal mask that removes excess sebum and dirt from the skin. However, most people experience significant skin improvements with a daily bamboo charcoal cleanser. When used morning and evening as part of your daily skincare routine, bamboo charcoal cleansers leave your skin thoroughly cleaned and ready for the rest of your skincare products to penetrate. 

Adding Bamboo Charcoal To Your Daily Skincare Routine

If you've read to this point and love the idea of adding bamboo charcoal to your daily skincare routine, you're in luck! Avari Beauty is launching our very first cleanser and the star of the show? Bamboo Charcoal! We believe that bamboo charcoal is a superior skincare ingredient that helps to address multiple skincare concerns. As an earth-conscious brand, we strive to make our products sustainable and natural. Our bamboo charcoal daily cleanser contains 86% naturally sourced ingredients, including aloe vera, plant extracts, hyaluronic acids, and amino acids. Plus, it's gentle enough to be used as a double cleanser, and it's safe for use with lash extensions — time-saving and convenient!

For more information or to shop Bamboo Charcoal All-In-One Cleanser, click here. 

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