Hard Wax vs. Soft Wax vs. Sugaring: Which Is Best For Hair Removal?


Wax on, or wax off? Body hair is a practical kind of problem. With summer quickly approaching, you might be wondering how to keep your skin silky smooth. Whether you're into hard wax, soft wax, or sugaring, keep reading to learn more about the best hair removal method!


Before we get to the different types of hair removal, let's start by dispelling some myths. Some people think that hair removal causes hair to grow back faster and thicker, but this simply isn't true. Hair follicles go through a temporary resting phase when the hair is waxed or plucked. Over a couple of weeks, the hair follicle begins to grow new hair. Waxing does not make this process any faster than it would have naturally been (about one-half inch per month), and it doesn't cause your hair to grow back darker or thicker. However, the hair removal method you choose can affect how long it takes for your hair to grow back. For instance, hair follicles become a little damaged each time a hair is waxed. With regular waxes, this damage can cause the hair to grow finer and shorter over time, sometimes even stopping hair growth completely — good to know!


What Is Soft Wax?


Soft wax is a type of body and face wax that is applied with a waxing spatula and removed using a waxing strip. As soft wax adheres to the skin and the hair, it can also remove the top layer of skin, creating an exfoliation effect. Soft wax is excellent for grabbing fine hairs, like those on the face; however, it shouldn't be applied to the same area twice, as this may leave your skin red and irritated afterward.


Benefits of Soft Wax:

  • Adheres easily to fine hair
  • Removes layers of dead skin
  • Good for areas such as the upper lip, eyebrows, and face


What Is Hard Wax?

Hard wax is a type of wax that hardens on your skin — no wax strips necessary. It's thicker than soft wax and works by adhering to the hair only. Many people think that hard wax is less painful than soft waxing because it does not adhere to the skin. Once hardened, hard wax is removed with your hands, saving waste from wax strips.


Hard wax is perfect for hair removal on sensitive areas such as the bikini line and underarm, plus large areas like the legs and body. 


Benefits of Hard Wax:

  • Hard wax leaves no sticky residue 
  • The heat from hard wax causes pores to open up, making it easier to remove hairs
  • Hard wax is typically more comfortable for most people


What Is Sugaring?


Sugaring is a hair removal method similar to waxing; however, the ingredients are different. Sugaring involves heating a mixture of sugar, lemon, and water together to create a candy-like consistency. Once cooled, the paste is applied to the skin and removed along with your unwanted hair. 


Benefits of Sugaring:

  • The paste is water-soluble
  • It doesn't adhere to the skin
  • It can be used anywhere on the body


Hard Wax, Soft Wax, or Sugaring: What Is Best? 


All methods of hair removal have pros and cons. If you want to find out the best way to remove your unwanted hair, you should ask your esthetician. Depending on the area of hair you want to remove, skin sensitivity, and lifestyle, your esthetician can advise the best removal method to keep your skin smooth and silky all year round! 


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