5 Wedding Beauty Treatments To Get You Glowing On The Big Day

It's wedding season! Whether you're a blushing bride, a glamorous bridesmaid, or an honored guest, everyone wants to look their best at a wedding! In this blog post, we're sharing five beauty treatments that will help you look and feel gorgeous on your wedding day!


Have Regular Facials

Everyone wants gorgeous glowing skin, and HydraFacial is here to help you achieve it. HydraFacial is an innovative skincare treatment that uses patented technology and super-potent serums to cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin for immediate results. HydraFacial treatments can be completely customized to meet your skincare needs. For instance, if your skin tends to be congested and acne-prone, you can opt for a HydraFacial serum that clears and clarifies oily skin and excess sebum. 


For the best results, you should start your HydraFacial regime 6-9 months before your event. This gives your skin plenty of time to adjust to the treatment and for you to see the most benefit. In your initial consultation, your esthetician will ask about your skincare goals and lifestyle to determine the most effective serum and treatment schedule.


Avari Beauty Tip: Do not schedule your first facial within a few weeks of your event. Your skin may react or become red, so it's best to have your initial facial a couple of months before the big day. For best results, start your facial regimen several months before. 


Skip Mascara, Try Lash Extensions 

Concerned that waterproof mascara just won't cut it on the big day? Opt for lash extensions instead! Lash extensions are perfect if you want beautiful lashes but don't want to worry about having to apply mascara. Plus, lash extensions look gorgeous in photographs and appear ultra-natural. We recommend trying out a full set several weeks before your event to see if you prefer a classic, hybrid, or volume lash look. 


Not sure what lash set to choose? Your lash tech can explain the difference between each style and help you decide the best lash set to suit your eye shape and preference. 


Upgrade Your Skincare

Great skin isn't just a matter of genetics — your daily skincare habits also impact what you see in the mirror. The ultimate goal of any skincare routine is to ensure that your skin is healthy and hydrated and any concerns you have (such as fine lines and congestion) are addressed. 


Although skincare products have come a long way, there's no such thing as a quick fix. A consistent skincare routine is crucial if you want to achieve the most out of your products. We recommend opting for effective but gentle, multi-use skincare products, such as the Bella Aura Skincare Range. Bella Aura skincare is packed full of natural botanicals, antioxidants, and amino acids to purify, hydrate, soothe, and plump skin. 


We recommend starting your day with the Gentle Purifying Cleanser to remove impurities and gently cleanse your skin, then follow with the Rapid Repair Clarifying Elixir to balance and protect the skin's natural flora. For all-day hydration and glow, finish up with the Daily Repair Moisturizer, packed with a powerful blend of hydroxytyrosol and lecithin, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids; this gentle moisturizer evens skin tone, lightens dark spots, and calms blemishes. 


Ditch the Razor, Schedule a Wax


If you're a slave to shaving, it might be time to switch up your hair removal routine. Waxing is an excellent alternative to shaving because the results last much longer, and it provides a slight exfoliation effect. Regular waxes can help slow hair growth and keep your skin silky and smooth; plus, you only have to wax once every 4-6 weeks — compared to shaving that needs to be done every couple of days!


If you have a wedding to attend, be sure to schedule your wax at least a week in advance; this way, if you experience any redness, it will be gone in time for your big day! If you've never had a wax before, let your esthetician know so they can conduct a small patch test.

Try Microblading 

Tired of penciling in your brows? Schedule a microblading appointment! As a semi-permanent form of brow tattooing, microblading is the perfect way to add shape and volume to sparse brows. This quick and simple treatment can help you achieve your dream natural brows without almost zero effort!


If you're thinking about scheduling a microblading service, we recommend doing so at least three months before the big day. This will allow enough time to heal and for you to come back in for a touch-up around four to six weeks after. 


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