5 Beauty Tips That Work Instantly — From A Licensed Esthetician!


When it comes to gorgeous glowing skin, healthy lashes, and full brows, slow and steady wins the race. Nothing can beat a consistent skincare routine with high-quality products. However, if you need a quick fix, there are some tips that can have an instant beautifying effect!


In this blog, we're sharing five tips that will instantly make you look and feel ready to hit the red carpet! Think of this as an inside scoop from your favorite beauty pro! 


LED Light Therapy


LED light therapy is a non-invasive skincare treatment that emits light into the layers of the skin to improve skin tone, acne, fine lines, and other concerns. LED therapy is one of the best-kept secret facial add-ons! We love to combine a traditional facial with LED light therapy to target specific skin concerns and reveal instant glowy skin!


LED light therapy uses different light wavelengths corresponding to a specific color. These colors penetrate the skin at different depths, helping to improve various conditions. For instance:

  • Blue light affects the uppermost layer of your skin and helps sterilize acne-producing bacteria, shrink sebaceous glands, reduce inflammation & improving scarring.
  • Yellow light penetrates a little deeper than blue light and is helpful in reducing pigmentation, balancing skin texture, and reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and redness.
  • Red light is perfect for addressing aging concerns such as promoting collagen, tightening loose skin, and increasing elasticity.
  • White light penetrates deepest and helps to speed up skin cell turnover, tighten loose skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, treat hyper-pigmentation and, inflammation and scarring.


For an instant glow, schedule a 30-minute LED light treatment!


 Facial Massage


If you suffer from puffy skin and inflammation, facial massage can help stimulate your lymphatic system and reduce excess fluid. In fact, it's so effective that just a few minutes of facial massage can create a healthy glow and restore color to your cheeks. 


If you have an essential event or hot date and need a fast de-puff fix, we recommend putting a facial massage wand, such as our Rose Quartz Massage Wands, in the freezer and rolling them gently around the face to cool and refresh. If you're not sure how to get started with facial massage, check out our blog on facial massage


Try a Lash Lift

If you want an instant boost to your lashes but don't want the maintenance of lash extensions, we have the perfect solution — a lash lift! Lash lifts are the best ways to make your natural lash line look fuller and thicker while making your lashes appear longer! In fact, lash lifts can even give uber-straight lashes a flirty curl! 


Lash lifts work by perming your lashes into a fuller, more lifted appearance. This service is perfect for people who have naturally straight or unruly lashes, as it creates a more defined lash line with a flattering curl that opens the eyes— plus, it's fast, provides instant results, and lasts 6-8 weeks!


Brow Lamination Goals

Make no mistake — A great set of brows can instantly transform your face. Brow lamination is perfect if you have concerns about sparse brow growth or lack of thickness. Brow lamination works by "perming" and restructuring the natural brows into a beautifully defined shape. Brow lamination is perfect if you desire thicker, more full brows, as it creates the illusion of denser brows by redirecting the hairs into a more flattering shape.


We love performing brow laminations because they provide our clients instant brow power in less than 60 minutes! Plus, it lasts 6-8 weeks, with zero maintenance needed!


Makeup From the Pros


Looking fabulous is only half the battle — The other half is feeling fabulous! If you have a special event coming up, take some stress off your beauty regime and put your best face forward with some help from the pros! A professional makeup artist will help you highlight your most flattering features and make you feel gorgeous inside and out!


The Avari Beauty team is proud to announce that we now offer a professional makeup service for those who want to look gorgeous and feel confident at the same time. Whether you want a soft natural makeup look that emphasizes your natural beauty, or an ultra-glam look that brings the drama, we've got you covered!


I visited this blog and found these beauty tips extremely effective. As a licensed esthetician, the advice provided here is impeccable. My skin has been rejuvenated Well done.

giunisexsalon April 07, 2024

I love reading your blog! I always find such helpful and informative tips on how to improve my beauty routine. I recently tried out your suggestion of using a jade roller, and I’ve been really happy with the results. My skin looks so much more radiant and lifted. Thanks for all the great advice!

John May 21, 2023

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