How To Achieve The Perfect Eyebrows

Fuller brows with just the right eyebrow makeup is the hottest makeup trend these days. Honing this skill could not only transform your entire facial structure, but also enable you to highlight the best features of your face: with an edge, a clear arch and a cleaner look that creates a high-definition and high-end look.
However, all eyebrows are not the same, and each of us has different issues or things we want to achieve when we are doing our eyebrows. But the good news is that all these issues can be fixed, and we are here to help you with tips and advice to achieve your desired eyebrows. We will also inform you about the much-desired microblading and brow lamination brow trends that are extremely beneficial.
There are several ways to do your eyebrows. Innovative makeup products deal with each of the specific goals women are looking forward to achieving with a beautiful pair of eyebrows.
Following are some advice that may help you:
1. Protecting Your Sensitive Skin
If your skin is sensitive, be careful to wax your eyebrows. Many of us like to get our brows waxed or threaded in order to maintain a beautiful shape. But if you have sensitive skin, waxing is not always recommended for you, as it is likely to give you skin burns or breakouts. Special waxes designed for sensitive skin or threading may work better for you.
However, in some cases, it would be best to tweeze or use a brow shaver; and if you are at it, then invest in a good quality tweezer or shaver. Simply pluck out the extra growths from underneath the line of your brows, instead of the top. Here’s a tip: brush your eyebrows upward (you can get them wet or use a brow gel to help them stay upward). When they are up, you will most likely see a natural line running parallel through your arch and tail. Use that line as a guide and tweeze/shave anything below it. Next, brush your eyebrow hair downward and do the same thing for the top!
If the skin around your brows turns red or swollen from any hair removal techniques you choose to do, rub ice cubes on the whole area to reduce any swelling and redness.
2. Trying It The Natural Way
Growing your brows: If you have little eyebrow hair and want to grow them out naturally, apply castor oil, almond oil, or olive oil and massage your brows for two to three minutes every night before going to bed to allow its growth.
Tweezing method: Do not tweeze your eyebrows if you are aiming to enhance the growth. And do not tweeze every day or way too often. Allow them to grow and depending on your hair growth, visit a salon and choose a professional with a nice portfolio of their work. Over-tweezing will make your eyebrows look unnatural.
The eyebrow gel: While you are growing them naturally, use an eyebrow gel that works fabulously to keep the eyebrows very tidy and in shape. An eyebrow gel is a lifesaver for women who have naturally thick eyebrows. 3. Choosing The Right Products
Find a good eyebrow brush: Eyebrow shaper brushes are perfect for brushing your undone eyebrows and instantly lifting them into a smooth and natural shape. If you don’t like to use any brow makeup products, but still aim to retain a natural look, this is your go-to trick!
Eyebrow products: If you want to use products to achieve the perfect eyebrows, try out quality brow pencils and powders (the shade should be similar to your hair color), or even liquid eyebrow pens.
Use an eyebrow brush to get rid of any excess product and achieve a very high definition look. Follow up by applying a clear brow gel and you will witness a glorious change.
4. Explore Newer Options
Ever considered permanent makeup eyebrows like microblading or shading? It’s not as scary as it sounds given that it’s a permanent makeup technique. We say “permanent” but the pigment isn’t inserted as deep as a tattoo is so, therefore, it will fade away in time. This type of service is going to work wonderfully well if you feel you have to put an unusual amount of effort and time to get your eyebrows done. Microblading is a relief for anyone who suffers from conditions like alopecia - when brow hair falls out or grows sporadically, and filling and drawing your brows becomes laborious.
Here's how permanent makeup eyebrows can help you. The two main procedures we at Avari Beauty offer for permanent makeup brows are microblading and microblade + shade services. Microblading is performed using a handheld tool with a small blade at the end used to make realistic looking strokes of hair. Microblade + Shade is performed in a similar way with a mixture of hair strokes and shading - whereas color is condensed in certain areas for a more filled-in look by use of a special hand-held tool or device. All of the above will help you to get natural-looking eyebrows.
The biggest apprehension women have while considering permanent makeup is that it will not turn out even and will be forever displayed on their face.
However, with the right artist, you won’t experience this. Make sure you look at their portfolio for consistency in their work. Also, as mentioned above, this kind of permanent makeup eyebrow is not tattooed. That's because tattoos use a certain kind of ink, while permanent makeup uses special pigments that do not have such high concentration and formulated a little differently. The secret to lasting eyebrows is to return for touch-ups every two or three years. Without touch-ups, the permanent eyebrows will fade. And if you ever decide to get rid of them altogether, you can often have saline removal or laser removal done.
Remember that you do not need to change anything drastically or work way too hard to have beautiful eyebrows. All of this is easily achievable with the above methods. It’s easy, not painful, and does not consume a lot of your precious time.
We hope our guide is helpful to you. Go and try all that suits you to help you get to your desired eyebrow goals.

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