What Should You Look For In A Permanent Makeup Artist?

Permanent makeup is a slow and highly-skilled craft. When you have decided to explore the very innovative and efficient arena of permanent makeup services the biggest decision you will have to make is where to and whom to get the service from.
When it is performed efficiently, your beauty will be enhanced and your desires perfectly achieved, as you keep on looking absolutely effortlessly beautiful. However, with the wrong permanent makeup artist, you could end up getting your eyebrows, or lip pigmentation going over the top, or worse, looking unnatural.
However, in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know to help you find the right permanent makeup artists for yourself.
1. Right Certification
In most states, across countries, permanent makeup artists, like many other service providers/professionals need a certificate to showcase their ability and eligibility to undertake jobs on a professional scale. There are concerned administrative boards to perform the required scrutiny. It will, therefore, be highly risky to choose someone without a credible certificate. Ask where they received their training and certification.
2. Experience
You can understand a lot from an artist’s training―where and with whom they trained and the time they have been on the field. The experience a permanent makeup artist has as a professional with an estimated number of clients they’ve had will give you a clearer picture.
Experience is important especially in the arena of permanent makeup because skills get perfected over time with more exposure which comes with an abundant opportunity to portray it.
If you start meeting artists, most of them will carry a professional portfolio ready for you to see the kind of permanent makeup services they offer. And, that’s a legit way of judging someone’s work. Do not hesitate to ask them about their work, expertise, and any other specific skill you are looking for. A professional will be always ready to address a prospective client’s queries. Pay attention to consistent work in their photos.
3. Testimonials And Reviews from Clients
Most makeup artists today choose some digital platform to promote their business, mostly a website. Go through the reviews and testimonials that their clients have provided. You can always make a better decision by taking opinions from people who have already experienced the beauty service prior to you.
4. Workplace And Tools Used
Permanent makeup artists do not always use the same pigments or ink as a tattoo artist. They are less concentrated and mostly iron oxide pigments that allow a natural and softer look post makeup. Learn about the type of pigments and tools that are used by your makeup artist.
If the artist has a studio, it would be a good decision to visit the workplace personally and take account of the cleanliness and hygiene practices of the artist as these are really crucial. A real professional with a credible background in the industry is always aware of the importance of choosing the right pigments, knowledge of microblading treatments, and safety/sanitation practices learned in the bloodborne pathogen training everyone is required to take in order to take care of their client’s health and safety.
5. Work Policies
As you will be privately working with a professional, you must know, in detail, about the services and the terms they provide. In the arena of permanent makeup, the results may sometime not meet the expectations of an individual.
So, do not hesitate to ask your makeup artists about their correction policies. For instance, if you happen to not like how the eyebrow shade turns out, or an area not filled in properly, you will need a touch-up. The professional should be able to tell you if they will exempt you or charge you for correction services.
Keeping in mind what to look for, and having a clearer picture of what you can and cannot expect out of permanent makeup solutions and choosing the right makeup artist is going to be much less complicated and more easing when deciding to have these services performed.
When you have met and spoken to a few makeup artists, you will understand better with whom you connect, and feel comfortable with. Artists with professional answers to your questions and seem personable could be a good fit for you.
We hope you find this guide helpful in answering any questions you had as you step into a new world of permanent makeup.

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