How To Become A Licensed Eyelash Technician

It's an exciting time to start a career in the booming eyelash extension industry! Since eyelash extensions have became popular, each state has new laws and rules being administered to regulate this profession. The first thing you need to do is find your local Board of Cosmetology and find out if this profession is being regulated in your state. There will be resources online, or you can usually call them directly. Find out all the requirements needed in order to obtain an Eyelash Technician License. If so, they will also have information about local businesses that are offering training that can be counted toward the hours needed to obtain a license from the state. You will have to complete a number of hours of training and then take a test. I suggest exploring your options on where to train by checking out different businesses and compare the prices and techniques you will learn. Keep in mind, that you should choose a reputable business that will ensure they teach you what will be on the test for your license. Ask your friends and put it out on social media if anyone they know has trained somewhere near you. It's always best to go to a place where someone you or someone you know has gone with success! Also, make sure that you are trained in volume lashes, as this is the most popular service customers want.

Eyelash Extension Training

Once you take you've completed your training and pass your test, you will be licensed! Your state board will also have regulations about where you can perform the service. Some states that license this profession will usually require you to work out of a licensed salon space. You can check to see if you can license your home, but make sure your home is set up with the regulations needed to be approved.

How To Become A licensed Lash Technician

If your state does not require you to be licensed to perform this service, you should also double-check to make sure they don't require you to offer services like this at a licensed establishment or salon. Sometimes, they will require you to be in a retail space instead of a home-space to do the service. Some states have no requirements at all for where you perform your service. If this is the case, I do recommend that you have waiver forms AND liability insurance. Even if you are in an unregulated state for this profession, you can still be sued if anything goes wrong. To obtain liability insurance, you can contact your local insurance agents and popular ones like State Farm to see if they offer general business liability insurance policies. If they don't, check out cosmetology liability insurance policies if they are willing to provide for you without a license. Usually between these two avenues, you will be able to find insurance.

And that's it! You are fully licensed and ready to start a career in such a wonderful industry. Be sure to continue your education of eyelash extensions by taking advanced or refresher courses! If you are located in Minnesota, I offer one-on-one training for licensed technicians! If you are not licensed and live in a state that is not regulated, I do offer one-on-training and certification as well! Learn more by visiting my Training Page.

I hope this article helps you! Good luck in your career and reach out if you have any questions.

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