Libra Season Beauty Tips: Harness the Power Of Venus

It's Libra season, a time to honor balance, beauty, and harmony. As the sun shines through this Venus-ruled zodiac sign, it encourages us to embrace our inner Goddess and enjoy aesthetic pleasure. Put simply, it's time for self-care and a little indulgence! Here at Avari, we love to encourage your journey of self-love and ritualistic beauty—especially when the cosmos is on our side—so we've put together this list of beauty tips inspired by the ethereal charm of Libra. Keep reading to learn how you can embrace the sensuality of this blessed season. 


Find A Balance

The essence of Libra season offers us a celestial nudge to reevaluate and recalibrate our priorities. Just as the scales seek equilibrium, so should we in our daily lives. It's important to regularly take a step back and assess where you're spending most of your energy. Is work consuming your every waking hour? Or perhaps you've been so engrossed in family matters that you've neglected personal time? Reflecting can help you identify areas where you might be overcommitting and others that may need more attention. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to forget the most crucial person – you. Block out periods in your calendar dedicated solely to self-care. Whether it's a spa day, enjoying regular facials, or a quiet moment with a cup of tea, ensure you're giving yourself the love you deserve.


Minimalistic Beauty

Libras have an innate sense of style and often prefer a clean, minimalistic look that screams 'quiet luxury.' Think natural, dewy skin, silky hair, and perfectly preened brows. We recommend embracing Libra's effortless glam with a low-maintenance brow lamination service. Brow lamination perms and sets the brow hairs in a uniform direction and shape to create fuller, perfectly styled brows—with no downtime and no shading needed! To learn more about brow laminations, click here. 


Soft Pastel Shades

The Libra season is all about soft, romantic shades. Think of pinks, lavenders, and gentle blues. These hues not only complement the autumn palette but also add a touch of romance to your makeup routine. Swap out your summer corals and brights for these dreamy colors, both in makeup and wardrobe. For an ethereal glow, we try our Magic Light Pigment in shade 'Intuition.' This dreamy lavender shade is ultra-flattering and perfect for Libra season! 


Hydration is Key

Libra season signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall. As the weather starts to cool down, your skin may begin to dry out. When the temperatures drop, it's important to prioritize hydration in your skincare routine. Look for moisturizers with natural, non-comedogenic ingredients like the Bella Aura Hydra Revive Treatment. This essential oil-free serum effectively hydrates, replenishes, soothes, and balances the appearance of your skin. Formulated with Icelandic moss, peat moss, and evergreen fern extracts, this luxurious formula is filled with antioxidants and vital minerals for an intense hydration that takes you through Libra season. 


Treat Yourself

Being ruled by Venus, Libra has a love for the finer things in life. This is an ideal time to indulge in beauty treatments. Book yourself a facial, invest in a luxurious new skin regime, or try that beauty service you've had your eyes on for a while. It's all about self-love and treating yourself to what makes you feel beautiful.


Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Finally, remember that beauty isn't just skin deep. The essence of Libra season is about embracing one's natural beauty and being comfortable in one's own skin. Celebrate your uniqueness, your quirks, and everything that makes you, YOU. Incorporate beauty routines that are not just about external appearance but also about internal well-being. Meditative practices, facial massage, or even a simple evening walk can aid in achieving inner peace and radiating an external glow.

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