Spring 2024 Beauty Trends

Here at Avari, we love getting ahead of the curve when it comes to new beauty trends. The most reliable crystal ball for beauty? The runways of Fashion Week. Here, amidst the glitz and glamour, we catch a glimpse of the future. Spring 2024 beauty trends are shaping up to be an exciting blend of bold aesthetics and wellness-focused beauty that promises to redefine our routines. From innovative takes on existing trends like mermaidcore, to a timeless revamp of ‘90s aesthetic, lets get into the biggest beauty trends of spring 2024!


Mermaidcore: A Deep Dive into Aquatic Glamour

The mermaidcore trend, which has been making waves for a while, is not just continuing; it's evolving. For Spring 2024, think dewy, glowing skin that captures the essence of oceanic beauty. Wet-look lashes are set to be huge this spring—whether you are a lash extension regular or prefer the natural look. To create wet-look lashes without the commitment, use a clear lash coating to replicate that dewy 'just got out the shower' lash look. Makeup takes a dramatic turn with eye-catching blues, greens, and purples, alongside asymmetrical eyeshadow applications that we admired at Anna Sui. Nails are not left behind, with Sandy Liang showcasing bedazzled manicures that extend the iridescent theme. And don't forget about hair – think sleek, wet looks that play off the glass skin trend, creating a siren-esque allure.


Skin is In: The Rise of Skincare in Beauty

This season, skin isn't just part of the routine; it's the star. Backstage, there's an increased focus on skin prep, ensuring a healthy, dewy glow that complements every outfit. With such emphasis on skin, it's time to prioritize facials and invest in products that enhance your skin's natural radiance. For clients who want flawless, healthy skin, we recommend regular HydraFacial treatments. An ultra-effective combination of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration, HydraFacial provides that natural glow 2024 beauty trends are all about. This multi-step process ensures that the skin is not only treated on the surface but nourished deeply, promoting long-term health and radiance. If you can't get to the salon, consider adding a multiuse skincare product into your daily regime, like Bella Auras Multi Repair Rescue Masque. We recommend this for clients who want to reduce breakouts, refine pores, and improve uneven texture. 


'90s Nostalgia: A Retro Revival

Get ready to embrace the Latte makeup trend in full swing! This spring, we're seeing a resurgence of '90s supermodel glam, with glossy brown lips and neutral matte eyes taking center stage. Makeup artists like Raoul Alejandro at Luar and Diane Kendal at Proenza Schouler are channeling this era with subtle contours and elevated everyday looks. We love adding a swipe of our shimmery Muse lipgloss over lipstick to create an updated 90's lip that's super flattering for all skin tones. 


Chrome Nails: A Metallic Must-Have

Who says chrome is just for winter? The chrome trend is predicted to still be going strong through Spring 2024. Ice your manicure with pearly pinks, whites, and the classic silvers and golds. Can't make it to your nail tech? We've got you covered! Our Magic Light Pigment collection is the perfect way to add iridescent shimmer to your nails and makeup. Ultra-versatile and flatter, these color-changing loose pigments can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow, nail shimmer, or added to foundation to create a natural glow. 


Mind-Body Beauty: The New Wellness Chapter

This is quite possibly our favorite Spring 2024 beauty trend! We're seeing a rise in neurocosmetics that offer aesthetic benefits while promoting a feel-good factor. This shift is also boosting the demand for psychodermatology, focusing on the link between mental wellness and skin health. 


At Avari, our philosophy extends beyond just providing beauty services. We believe in a holistic approach to beauty, one that encompasses not only the physical aspects but also the emotional and experiential elements. Our aim is to create an environment and offer treatments that don't just enhance appearance but also elevate the overall sense of well-being and relaxation. By incorporating elements of aromatherapy, mindful practices, and custom-tailored experiences, our goal is for clients to leave not only looking their best but feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and empowered in their own beauty journey. Schedule your service in our White Bear Lake salon and experience the Avari difference. 

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