The Ultimate Guide to Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a cutting-edge service that has helped thousands of women achieve brow perfection. Why? Because it gives you gorgeously full brows, with no downtime and zero permanent commitment. The brow lamination technique enables your esthetician to style your brows in a way that perfectly complements your face. Whether you wish to raise your brow arch, extend your brow tail, or simply desire fuller, fluffy brows that define your face — brow lamination can help you achieve it! 

At Avari Beauty, we understand the value of an educated consumer, and we frequently receive questions from interested clients who have seen our #BROWGOAL results firsthand. With this in mind, we thought it was a wonderful idea to create this post and pack it full of must-know brow lamination information, tips, and tricks. 

If you’re interested in brow lamination but aren’t sure if it’s the right service for you, keep reading to learn more about how this innovative technique could elevate your brow game!

Brow Lamination

What Is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is essentially a perm — or brow relaxer — for your eyebrows. With safe and effective products, your esthetician can style your brows in a way that allows the hairs to stay up, giving the impression of fuller, thicker brows. There are multiple ways to do this, such as combing upward or sideways or using the length of your brow hair to increase the width of your brows. The ultimate technique will depend on your natural brows and your desired result. By combing the brow hair in the direction you want, it’s possible to cover gaps in your brows, make them appear fuller, and achieve the fluffy brow look that can be seen all over Instagram right now. 

Who Is A Good Candidate For Brow Lamination?

As a non-invasive, affordable, temporary, and highly impactful brow solution, brow lamination is suitable and safe for almost everyone! No matter whether your brow concern is over plucking, aging, gaps, thinning, or unruliness — brow lamination is an amazingly effective solution to most common brow complaints. Some clients even find that it’s an excellent alternative to microblading! However, it should be noted that for optimal brow lamination results you must have brow hair, ideally throughout the length of your entire eyebrow. Brow lamination cannot cover up major gaps or large patches of missing hair.

The awesome thing about brow lamination is that it can give you the brows you’ve always wanted in under an hour. Not only does it enable you to hide small gaps in your brows, but it also very cleverly gives you the illusion of significant hair growth. Win-win! 

How Does the Brow Lamination Process work?

Brow lamination aims to set your brows into a uniform shape for several weeks at a time — basically, you get “I woke up like this” brows, with zero effort on your part! Brow lamination is very similar to a lash lift; however, instead of curling your brows, a setting lotion is used to help keep your brow hair straight and in your desired position for around six to eight weeks. 



The brow lamination process begins by painting a perming solution onto the brow, which loosens the hair’s bonds, preparing them for a lengthened direction and shape. Typically the perming solution is applied for 5-8 minutes, however for more stubborn, coarse hair, your esthetician may increase this up to an additional 1-2 minutes. 

Once relaxed, your brows hairs are brushed into your desired shape, and a fixing solution is applied to reform the hair bonds into their new shape and ensure a long-lasting result. Like the perming solution, the fixing solution should be applied for 1-2 minutes, with more stubborn, coarse hair, needing up to an additional 5 minutes. 

Last but certainly not least, your esthetician will apply a nourishing solution to replenish your brows and leave them protected, smooth, and shiny. This step is crucial to ensure long-lasting results and healthy brows after the chemical process, so we created Avari’s Nourishing Solution with keratin proteins that heal, repair, and protect both the exterior cuticle of the brow hair and the interior structure in the cortex! For the best results post-brow lamination treatment, you can use Avari Beauty’s Keratin Brow Treatment aftercare product to keep your brow hair feeling soft and strong! Simply brush on your brows daily for thicker, richer, and more luscious results that last! 

How Long Does Brow Lamination Last? 

You can expect your laminated brows to last up to two months; however, you can prolong your gorgeous new look with the Revitalash Beauty Brow Perfecting Gift Collection. Pro Tip: The HI-DEF BROW GEL conditions and tames unruly brows while also sculpting and defining, ensuring that your laminated brows look the same on week six as they did on day one! 

To get the most out of your brow lamination service, for the first 24 hours, you should avoid:

  • Wetting or rubbing your eyebrows
  • Applying any cream or oils around the eyebrow area
  • Applying any makeup to your brows
  • Partaking in a steamy swer, sauna, or sweaty activities like hot yoga!  

Is Brow Lamination an Alternative to Microblading?

Brow lamination could be an excellent alternative to microblading for some clients — especially if you’re looking for a less permanent solution. However, you should note that although brow lamination and microblading both result in beautiful brows, the process is entirely different.

Microblading is a type of permanent makeup similar to a tattoo that lasts from 2-5 years depending on your skin and lifestyle. In addition, microblading requires more downtime than brow lamination because your skin needs time to heal after the procedure. One of the biggest advantages of microblading is that it can give the illusion of brows, even on people with very little to no brow hair. Some people may not be suitable candidates for microblading, so you must consult with a licensed and esthetician before making your decision. 

Brow lamination, on the other hand, lasts up to 8 weeks and requires no down-time or healing. If you’re on the fence between microblading or brow lamination, we suggest that you give brow lamination a try first to see if you like the results. In fact, you can use brow lamination to complement your microblading blading results by increasing the texture of your brows for a fluffier look.

Can You Do Brow Lamination at Home?

Yes, it’s possible to complete brow lamination at home; however, if you have little experience using perming solutions, it’s advisable to consult with a licensed esthetician before trying. 

If you have experience with perming solutions or are a licensed esthetician, Avari Beauty has created a safe and effective brow lamination and lash lift system that can transform your brows in under 30 minutes! Click here for more information.
Brow Lamination


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