Which is Better? Facial Waxing vs Threading?

Waxing and threading are the two most common and safest facial hair removal methods. Though they are both in the semi-permanent hair removal category, they have different hair removal methods. Waxing consists of heated waxes that come in soft or hard forms. The wax is placed in the direction of hair growth to grab onto the hair and then quickly pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth to remove from the root. Threading involves pinching the hair between the thread that pulls each strand of hair out of the root.

 Are there more ways they differ? Let’s see!


Facial Threading

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Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that uses a thread made of 100% cotton to remove unwanted facial hair. This practice of hair removal is said to be developed in India and today used worldwide. This method pulls out at a row of hair completely with each stroke of thread.

Usually, threading fails to work on larger parts of the body. It should be avoided by people with heavy and frequent acne, as the thread stocks may trigger acne even more. Sometimes, it leads to skin pigmentation changes. 


Waxing is widely popular and is known as an in-salon hair removal technique. It is a great way to remove hair with smooth results and soft skin. Waxing is used all over the body and ideal to use on larger areas and larger amounts of hair at once.

Waxing lasts somewhere around 2-6 weeks and results vary from person to person, depending on their hair growth cycles. Nevertheless, it yields better results than threading, bleaching or shaving where the hair growth is relatively faster.

Which Lasts Longer: Waxing or Threading?

This is a very good question! Both are semi-permanent hair removal techniques and don’t last forever. Above all, each method helps in removing unwanted hairs from the root but doesn’t kill the root and eventually hairs grow back in a certain period.

So how long do threading and waxing last? On average, the threading method lasts 1 to 2 weeks depending on how your hair grows in general. However, waxing is long-lasting with results longer than 2 weeks. Waxing removes more hair than threading. You can feel hairs being pulled with threading, which is why waxing can feel less painful than threading

Why is Waxing Beneficial for You?

Waxing improves skin texture. Besides eliminating excess hair, waxing helps in removing the topmost layer of dry and dead skin cells and leaves you with smooth skin. The results are something that can’t be attained through threading, shaving and removal creams. The wax we use here at Avari Beauty is a warm, soft wax that also contains the essential oils of lavender in it which helps to soothe the skin and calm down any redness that may occur.

Unlike threading and shaving that merely cuts the hair off at a point where it emerges from the skin, waxing helps in pulling out all hair entirely from the root. Shaving results in rough and stubbly skin whereas waxing leaves you with soft skin. The best thing about waxing your face is that it does not result in extra-sharp ends that curl back into the skin.

To get the best waxing results, consider getting facial waxing by a professional at Avari Beauty. We ensure that our clients have the best experience. To know more you can visit our website at https://avaribeauty.com/.

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Waxing leaves skin smooth, sheds, and decreases hair regrowth. It’s a phenomenal decision for longer-enduring outcomes and that sure shine!

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