Difference Between Classic and Volume Lashes

Thick, voluminous eyelashes are every girl’s dream!

And even if your eyelashes are not as dense as you want them to be, several beauty fixes can help you achieve your dream lashes in minutes.

All eyelash extensions can make your eyes look bigger and brighter even without eye makeup. And although there are several types of eyelash extensions, classic and volume lashes are the most popular amongst them all. Both these extensions let you achieve the look you want.

Classic Lashes Versus Volume Lashes

Let us walk through the differences between classic and volume lashes, so you know which one to opt for if you plan to get one:

If you have a lot of naturally dense lashes then classic lashes are perfect for you, because classic lashes will give you a natural look. It will give you the look as if your eyelashes have mascara on.

The main reason the classic lash extension is recommended for women with fuller lashes is that they do not give volume to the lash line instead add length to it.

Classic lash extensions can help you achieve an even lash line and make your eyes look big. It gives you the made-up look at all time, even when you have just woken up. This lash extension style enhances the natural lash beauty you already possess.

Applying classic eyelash extensions is hard work. This technique involves applying a single extension to an isolated single natural eyelash

Classic eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extensions are best for:

  • Someone wanting a natural look
  • Someone with full natural eyelashes
  • Someone who is getting lash extensions for the first time

Restrict the size of the classic lash to not increase more than 3mm longer than your natural eyelash to protect its health. Also, lash extensions with a lot of shine and super black are a complete “no-no”. It would look like plastic and spoil your lash look.

If you want to add and fullness to your natural lash line, classic lash extensions are for you.

On the other hand, volume lash extensions give a more dramatic look to your lash line. Volume lashes are ultra-thin lashes and almost look like feathers.

These extensions can make your lash line look fuller and fluffier because the main purpose of volume lashes is to add volume to your eyelash line.

Unlike the classic lash extension, which is applied one extension per one natural lash. Volume extensions can be more than one per single natural eyelash as a “fan.” For instance, on a thick natural eyelash, you can apply up to 10 or more volume lash extensions.

The weight of volume lashes can vary between the lightest being .03 and the highest going up to .10.

Most importantly, the length and thickness of your natural lashes will determine the size of the fan that can be applied to your lash line, because beauty treatments must not jeopardize your eye and lash line.

Applying multiple eyelash extensions around a single natural lash fills the gaps that you may have in your lash line. Volume lash extensions give an illusion of having more lashes than you have.

Also, if you are foraying into lash extensions, then go for the lightest, and then gradually increase the lash weight to avoid your eyelids feeling weighed down.

The volume lash extension technique involves fanning out ultra-thin extensions and applying on to a single natural lash. The weight of the extension is evenly distributed around the natural lash to make sure they don’t feel heavy.

Volume lash extensions

Volume lash extensions are perfect for:

  • Someone who has sparse natural lashes
  • Someone who wants dramatic lashes
  • Someone who wants to add volume to their natural lashes

The choice of lash extension depends on your natural lashes. It will also depend on the look you want to attain. Above all choosing, the best professional lash artist is important as they will help you choose the best and apply it safely too.

Avari Beauty offers sustainable eyelash extensions that are not only friendlier on the environment, but they are designed to be gentler on the natural eyelash too! If you have a lash tech or looking for one, mention our lash extensions to them. You can also schedule an appointment with an Avari Beauty lash artist here.

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