How to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

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"Your eyelashes will write on my heart,
the poem that could never come from the pen of a poet."- Rumi
Long before the poet Rumi began to write, women's eyelashes were admired, coveted and even written about in various cultures across the world. Long, full, and dark sets of eyelashes invoke an appearance of renewed youthfulness and brilliance to your eyes. In the past, only the lucky few were born with these gorgeous lashes, but now, everyone can get eyelash extensions to create this alluring look. In order to do so, eyelash extensions are glued to your natural lashes by an expert lash technician and artist.
Eyelash extensions usually last somewhere between 2-3 weeks before a fill is needed. If they come off sooner than this, you may be dealing with aftercare/maintenance issues. If they are not maintained well, eyelash extensions can come off sooner than they should. You should be able to go about your normal life and routine when wearing them. For instance, eyelash extensions can even be worn while playing, swimming and exercising. If you heed the following tips, you will increase your retention, and in some cases, push back your next appointment with your lash technician.
Avari Beauty Eyelash Extensions are sustainable and we’ve created them to be super lightweight and comfortable to have on than the standard eyelash extensions. The way we have created our eyelash extensions also helps with retention and keeping your natural eyelashes healthy. With that in mind, aftercare and maintenance is still crucial to helping them last longer for you. Here are a few precautions you can take to make your lash extensions last longer:
Always buy quality lashes for your customers (for lash technicians)
Nothing is more crucial than the quality of your product. If you purchase cheap low-quality eyelashes, the odds are they will come off within the first week. Instead, if you invest your money in high quality products such as the ones offered by Avari Beauty, your extensions can last for weeks on your customers. Avari Beauty sells beautiful, sustainable eyelashes that with ample care, will last 2-4 weeks before a fill is needed. Avari Beauty extensions are also superior because they are lighter in weight and created with the natural eyelash health in mind. And above all else, Avari Beauty stays true to its commitment to the environment as its eyelash extensions are made of HDPE recycled fibers and the box is made of plant fibers which break down much quicker in soil and water.
Get It Done By A Professional Lash Artist
Please be careful when choosing a lash technician to work on your lashes. There are some very dangerous methods we’ve seen that have occured on the lashes we had to fix. Some people rush through the application process, gluing multiple natural eyelashes to an eyelash extension. Some have tried to create a mega volume look by incorrectly making fans, etc. These approaches have caused many issues for natural eyelashes. In many cases, it has damaged them. It has also caused allergic reactions. If you are looking for quality work please look at portfolios. You should not see dark clumps of glue in their photos. They should look very clean. The lash extensions should not be too wide at the base. They should be at a point when attached to the base of your natural eyelashes. Invest in a good lash technician. Most of the issues we have seen came from very cheap advertising deals.
Stay Away From Water And Steam
Do not apply water or come in contact with steam for the first 24 hours after the procedure. The glue on the extension is still curing in this time frame. Lashes shouldn't be exposed to intense heat either. It's always important to keep this in mind while using ovens and hairdryers. The heat can actually singe the tips of your eyelashes.
Sleep on Your Back
You might be used to sleeping face down, but if you have found joy in having eyelash extensions then you should make a habit of sleeping on your back. If not, the pressure of your face pressed against the pillow may weaken your extensions causing them to come off quicker than they should. So be very careful
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Use Oil-free Products
If you ever want to remove your eyelashes just use some olive or coconut oil. And if you want to keep them longer stay away from oil. Oil weakens and dissolves the glue that binds your natural eyelash to the extension. Be especially careful of cream-based eyeliners and other such cosmetics out there because they have a lot of oil in them so be very choosy about what you apply on your face.
Cleanse Twice A Day
Please wash your eyelashes in the morning and at night. This is so important! Many people are afraid to wash their eyelash extensions because they think it will make them come off sooner. The opposite happens. If you don’t properly clean them, the oil from your eyelids… debris from the environment and powders from makeup or residue from lotions will make their way on the eyelashes and weaken the glue bonds. You will have the worst retention without cleaning them. Make sure you use a good quality eyelash extension cleanser like ours. Our cleanser is made to be gentle yet effective at removing dirt and debris from your eyelashes and keep them super clean!
Brush Them Twice a Day
Your eyelashes are just like your hair; if you don't brush them they will be messy and debris won’t be able to fall off of them. You can use a mascara wand, brush or even a comb for this purpose. Do it in the morning and evening to make sure they are in place and look their best.
Have A Touch-up Every 2-3 Weeks
Your eyelashes naturally fall out and grow back. It's such a gradual process that you hardly ever notice it. So revisit your lash artist every 2-3 weeks for fresh extensions on the ones that need to be filled.
Never Ever Pick At Them
Don't pick at them, cause if you do, not only will your extensions fall off; it might damage your natural lashes too. So be a bit careful and enjoy your new fabulous look.

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