The Right Way To Remove Your Eyelash Extensions

We always recommend a professional removal for eyelash extensions. The at-home methods have been unsuccessful for so many people and have caused damage to the natural eyelashes. When people think of removing them with oil since oil breaks down the surgical-grade glues, they don’t realize that this is a process that happens over time. The oil on our eyelids or cosmetic products like cleansers or moisturizers eventually breaks down the glue over a few to several days, but not right away. That’s why many people experience premature shedding and damage when they try to remove them at home. Yet, an inexpensive appointment with a technician will not take more than 20 minutes and the remover we use will make them slide right off, leaving your natural lashes happy and safe!
Nevertheless, if you are in a bind and can’t get in to have them professionally removed, you can remove them at home as well, if you follow the right instructions.
DIY Eyelash Extension Removal
A Step by Step Guide
It's all about dissolving the glue that holds the natural and synthetic strands together. To complete the process you would need olive or coconut oil as a dissolvent; coconut oil also hydrates and nourishes the skin. You would also need a large bowl of hot steaming water, a fairly large towel, and cotton balls.
2 - 3 days before doing this, apply a small (SMALL) amount of oil on the base of your eyelash extensions with a micro-swab and let it remain there during the entire night while you sleep. In the morning, cleanse your entire face and eyelashes with your cleanser and repeat the following night. This will start weakening the bonds of the eyelash extensions.
Once you have completed this, follow these simple steps:
  • Cleanse your face and eyelashes, removing all traces of makeup, and rinse thoroughly.
  • Place your face directly above the large bowl of hot water and let the steam slowly dissolve the adhesive of the extension. Cover your head with the towel so that no steam escapes. In 10-15 minutes your lash extensions will loosen up.
  • Apply coconut or olive oil gently on your lashes with your fingertips or a lip applicator brush (anything non-cotton, no Q-tips). Repeat this process until the glue completely dissolves and the synthetic lashes slide off. Do not pull or rub too much because this will pull your natural eyelashes off, risking damage. Please be gentle.
  • After all the extensions are removed, wash your face to remove any excess of the oil, with lukewarm water.
  • Use some moisturizer to hydrate your skin and your natural lashes.
  • If this is unsuccessful and you have a hard time removing them, please visit your lash technician for safe and professional removal.

And there you go! After any removal (professional or at home) I always recommend spoiling your natural eyelashes with a good eyelash growing serum. In fact, I have my customers use it while wearing eyelash extensions, too! This repairs and supports the natural eyelash's health (think of vitamins) and makes them thicker, too! My favorite one that I've seen work wonders for my customers is here

Happy lashing, guys! I hope this helped!

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